May 16, 2010

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So I've been working on designing my own invitations for a while.  Here's some of my inspiration: I love Cherree Berry invitations and the second is Mika78

Cherree Berry InvitationsMika78

I pretty much want something that's a little different but still elegant and unique.  Every since discovering the blog world I find inspiration everyday for my wedding.  I recently was surfing one of my favorites, and found a post about glyphs!  Are you wondering what glyphs are?  Check out the post  I've since become obessed with them and had to find a way to incorporate them into my invitation.  At first I thought I'd have to pay for one of those beautiful yet expensive Veer fonts, but found that Bickham something or other has glyphs. . .

What I came up with so far is below.  I did it using Adobe Illustrator:

 My DIY Invitation-Design

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Yes, I know I'm going out of order but we haven't secured our ceremony location.  I'll go through that later.

We're hosting our wedding reception at the beautiful Merion in Cinnaminson, NJ in the Skylight Room.  It's a beautiful room with a glass dome ceiling!! It's just a bit too fancy shmancy for me but I have ideas on how to make it more "us".

The MerionFront of MerionThe Room!


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My wedding colors are Poppy Red, Ivory and Black!  Check it out :) ....

red flowersivory and black


Hopefully this evening I'll be able to post my actual inspiration board!.......Couple hours later....I still couldn't figure out how to get my inspiration board up here but I did find this one that I really like, plus the shoes in the corner are the same designer as mine!  If your wondering I found this inspiration board on another great wedding blog: Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Colors photo 1

Here's another beautiful board I found on Snippet and Ink

Wedding Colors photo 2

I think I finally did it!  Here's my board!  

My Board


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JT Meets Me!

We were high school sweet hearts and dated for 2 years before going our seperate ways when we graduated.

"Re-United and It Feels So Good"

Some time in 2002 I decided to call Mr. JT.  I was having issues with my then bf and wanted a guys advice.  I might have secretly had some interest in Mr. JT.... He was completely surprised but we really had a great time catching up.  By then bf and I parted ways and I decided to called Mr. JT. again.  We finally decided to meet up since we hadn't seen eachother for so long..... Let me just say.. he was HOT!  I was soo nervous.  That same night or a few days later I was going to the beach with my girlfriend and kinda wanted Mr. JT to come but didn't want him to think I was that into him .  I didn't make the call but did call him from the beach and left him a vm saying how beautiful it was and he'd have a great time when he went down....Ok long story I know, but anyway that night he calls be back around 1 ish and we decide to meet up and talk.  We talked all night, walked around his neighborhood (me in my pjs) and  we kissed!! Sparks flew (for a 2nd time) and WE'RE RE-UNITED!!!  We've been together ever since 2003 to present- isn't love beautiful!~

He proposed on our high school anniversary!

 About the Happy Couple photo 1



About the Happy Couple photo 2