Jun 20, 2009

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Keeping myself busy this winter:)

My baby cocoons photo 1

My baby cocoons photo 2

My baby cocoons photo 3

My baby cocoons photo 4

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The day went awesome. Started out the morning with a dying cellphone (ok by me, everyone had to call the MOH:) I went with my MOH, and FG to go to salon to get our hair done:) I did great without cying until we got to the final hairspraying of my hair then I lost it and the tears came...I was the crazy bride who was apologizing for crying...lol apparently we have the right to cry that day:)

Introducing Mr Mrs Sullivan photo 1 Introducing Mr Mrs Sullivan photo 2

Introducing Mr Mrs Sullivan photo 3 Introducing Mr Mrs Sullivan photo 4

The location was beautiful, the staff were awesome. The day went great. I forgot to put up the signs for reserved seating, didn't wear my red heels....but I didn't give a sh&t. Those things didn't matter at all come the big day:)

Introducing Mr Mrs Sullivan photo 5  Introducing Mr Mrs Sullivan photo 6

Introducing Mr Mrs Sullivan photo 7 Introducing Mr Mrs Sullivan photo 8

Introducing Mr Mrs Sullivan photo 9

Introducing Mr Mrs Sullivan photo 10

Introducing Mr Mrs Sullivan photo 11

Introducing Mr Mrs Sullivan photo 12 Introducing Mr Mrs Sullivan photo 13

This was the day when I married my best friend and I could not be happier with how it went. The may have been a few hiccups along the way but with the help of friends, family, and the awesome support staff the day went awesome!!

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I found some really cute black boxes in the store here and couldn't pass them up, they were a little expensive ($20 for the 2). But the ribbon was $.20 per ft at walmart:)

DIY boxes reserve signs photo 1

Final product for my reserve signs for ceremony seats

DIY boxes reserve signs photo 2

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Inspiration from PW'r its.nicsknack !!!

These programs are the 3.4 x 8.5 inches approx in size. I put 3 per sheet on an 8.5x11 sheet. They were pretty easy to make using MAC pages program but the assembly is another story. I got them cut at the local print shop but have to punch them all by hand, then insert the fastners. I've only done about 20 of the 75 I'm making....lol

My programs photo 1

My programs photo 2

My programs photo 3

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My mom found this diamond in the ruff through her nail tech:) This is victorian garden weddings located in Metchosin(farm country) just outside Victoria:) We don't need to decorate except for the tables which I will cover with a strip of rose pedals down the middle of the table with votives everywhere!

Location photo 1

Location photo 2

Location photo 3

Location photo 4

Location photo 5

Location photo 6




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Made these up last night....still missing one for my grandma:)


DIY signage photo 1


DIY signage photo 2


DIY signage photo 3


DIY signage photo 4

Update: Table numbers too small for long rectangular tables. Made new ones:)

DIY signage photo 5


Oh and I made little labels for the bubbles which will use the ribbon we bought for the invites:)

DIY signage photo 6