Jul 19, 2009

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The wedding went awesome and I am loving married life but now I have TONS of wedding stuff to get out of my spare room!! Since this site was so helpful I am going to give you girls first dibs before I put the items on the knot and ebay. Here is what I have to sell if you would like to buy anything please contact me. I live in Wisconsin if that is a consideration for you with shipping. All prices are negotiable!

*All prices are listed without shipping but I will make sure the items get to you as safely as possible and as cheaply as possible!*

Pomanders- I have 10 DIY pomanders they are about 8 inches in diameter made with silk white roses and baby's breath. They are very full looking and have a nice white ribbon to attach them. The cost me about $20 a piece to make but I would be willing to part with them for $12 a piece*. I would really prefer that they go as a set but if you only want a few contact me. If you would like the shepard's hooks that go with pomanders (they are a bit flimsy but worked great for one day) I will throw those in for $10*.

For Sale photo 1  For Sale photo 2


Wish Trees/Seating Card Trees- I made two really cute seating cards trees out of branches, flowers, and white doves. They were placed in black urns with white ribbon around them. The trees themselves are about 47-50 inches tall and the black urns are 10 inches tall (we filled the bottom of the urns with sand and rock to help prop up the branches) I will sell them (with the urns) for $25 a piece*.

 For Sale photo 3 For Sale photo 4

Centerpieces- I have 13 DIY centerpieces. They consist of one main vase with ivy, ribbon, black river rocks, and a candle. 4 mini pillar candles in a glass holder (2 white, 2 black) and ivy leaves to cover scatter on the table (the mirrors are not included). The candles, especially the main candle is definetly re-usable! I will be willing to sell them for $13 a piece* and would once again perfer to sell them all together, but if you want just a few email me.

 For Sale photo 5 For Sale photo 6

Place Card Holders/ Punch label frames- I have 6 frames I used for labels for our punch bar. They are silver and are in great condition. I will sell them for $1 a piece.

For Sale photo 7

Vine Ring Bearer Pillow- I bought the pillow and added ribbons for tying the rings on, there is a loop on the underside for the ring bearer to put his hand through. It is white with a sage green vine pattern. I will sell it for $10.*

For Sale photo 8 For Sale photo 9 For Sale photo 10

Waterbottle bucket- A white oval big (soda can for scale) icebucket we used it for waterbottles. $15

For Sale photo 11

Two books- Buff Brides and The Bride both books for $10

 For Sale photo 12 For Sale photo 13


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Goal: Loose 25 lbs by July 19th!!

Plan: workout 3+ days a week consistantly and eat way healthier then I do now!


Monday 3/2 (139 days to go)

15 minutes Eliptical

15 minutes on treadmill

Pushups, sit-ups, shoulder presses

Painted the bedroom...not technically a workout but my arms and back are killing me!!

Tuesday 3/3  (138 days to go)

None :(

-really sore from painting!!!

Wednesday 3/4 (137 days to go)

Walked w/ dog outside in the freezing WI cold for an hour!

Thursday 3/5 (136 days to go)


Friday 3/6 (135 days to go)

Walked an hour w/ dog

Saturday 3/7 & Sunday 3/8


Monday 3/9 (132 days to go)

Buff Brides Weight workout Day 1

Tuesday 3/10 (131 days to go)

Step and Strength class at gym (1 hr)...totally kicked my butt!!!

Sunday 3/15 (126 days to go)

Took an hour+ walk up some hilly country roads with dog and FI

*MUST start being better about food!!! Big Macs do not go well with white dresses!!! I sux.

 Sunday 3/17 (124 days to go)

Walked for an hour

Tuesday 3/24 (117 days to go)

Day 1 of Jillian's 30 day Shred Challenge..ow..but I can do I NEED to do it!!

Friday 3/27 (114 days to go)

Day 2 of Jillian's 30 day Shred

Sunday 3/29 (112 days to go)

Day 3 of Jillian's 30 day Shred (have walking pneumonia..didnt get through the whole thing..)

Monday 3/30 (111 days to go)

Day 4 of Jillian's 30 day Shred

Tuesday 3/31 (110 days to go-holy cow!)

Day 5 of Jillian's 30 day Shred

Wednesday 4/1 (109 days to go)

Crunch's Fat Burning Pilates Tape

Thursday 4/2 (108 days to go)

Day 6 of Jillian's 30 day Shred

Friday 4/3 (107 days to go)

Day 7 of Jillian's 30 day Shred...tried level 2 ouchie!! Definetly need to go back to level one until I can do "real" push ups! The planks were killing me.

Saturday 4/4 (106 days to go)

Resuts from 7 days of Shreding and eating better: lost 2lbs, lost 1% body fat, lost 6 inches off body including 2 inches from tummy :) I LOVE JILLIAN....

Monday 4/6 (104 days to go)

Day 8 of 30 day shred


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Here are my waterbottle wrappers:

DIY photo 1 DIY photo 2

DIY photo 3

My pomanders:

DIY photo 4 DIY photo 5

DIY photo 6

And my centerpieces:

DIY photo 7 DIY photo 8

DIY photo 9 DIY photo 10

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I actually went and got the dress the day after we got engaged (it was Columbus Day so I had off of school). My mom and I went and I fell in love with the 7th dress I tried on!

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On October 12th we had plans to go to an Apple Orchard and pick apples. However, when we arrived we were informed we had missed prime apple picking season by about 2 weeks, we gave it a shot anyways. After our not so successful apple picking adventure we were driving back to Janesville and Andy took us a very strange way. We ended up at the Janesville Rotary Garden, one of our favorite places in Janesville. He suggested that we take a little walk. We walked around briefly before settling down on a bench overlooking the beautiful pond. We sat on the bench talking about everything imaginable and staring at the scenery, including autumn leaves and wild ducks. After a while we began to joke around about getting engaged with a twist-tie. Andy had the idea to make a ring out of leaf stems, which we did. We continued talking and enjoying the view, when Andy put the "leaf ring" on my knee. I said "No, you have to do it right..." I even volunteered to close my eyes. When I did he slipped on the leaf ring, followed by the real ring. When I opened my eyes, boy was I shocked. Andy asked, "Will you marry me?" I joyfully said yes and began to admire my beautiful Hearts on Fire ring he had picked out a few months before...

We thought it fitting to get married at the same place he proposed.

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Andy and I are high school sweethearts, we both attended Shoreland Lutheran. I asked him to his Senior prom (I was a junior) and that is how we began dating. We then both attended UW-Platteville. He graduated with an engineering degree and a semester later I graduated with a teaching degree. We both live and work near Janesville, WI.

We will be getting married 7/19/09 at the Janesville Rotary Garden and having the reception at the same place.