Jul 24, 2009

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My other total labor of love (besides the invitiations!) but not as time consuming, thank goodness :)


  • Purple cardstock
  • White paper
  • Monograms on linen cardstock
  • Purple ribbon
  • Heart hold punch


  1. First, I took forever designing the inside of the invites. I included a cover page, quote (from the princess bride - saw this idea on PW and loved it!), About Us, In Memory, Participants, Ceremony and the text from one of the readings (I Carry Your Heart by e.e. cummings). I aboslutely stole the "About Us" part of the program from someone on PW and I can't remember who! If it was you, please tell me so I can give you credit ;-)
  2. I layed the text out, making sure to adjust the margins. This took some trial and error. Since it was a landscape layout and I used 2 columns, I had to make the margin in the middle twice as large as the margins on each side because it would be folded down the middle - make sense?
  3. Copied the paper and folded like a book.
  4. Trim the egdes of each just a bit so it wouldn't hang out when inserted into the cardstock (yes, I'm that anal).
  5. Inserted the paper into the cardstock.
  6. Glued the monogram on the front
  7. Punched 2 small heart holes (I could have used anything I guess, but I had the heart one already and didn't feel like buying something else!).
  8. Cut two pieces of ribbon, about 3 inches long. Tied in a double knot and trimmed the edges. Voila!!

I really love the way they came out. Assembling them took about 2 hours for 75 programs.

DIY Programs photo 1 DIY Programs photo 2 DIY Programs photo 3 DIY Programs photo 4

DIY Programs photo 5


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Here is a list of our vendors in no particular order!

  • Church: St. Thomas Church in Delmar, NY
  • Reception: The State Room Banquet Hall, Albany
  • Hotel: The Crowne Plaza
  • Bridal Boutique: DeAnna's Country Shoppe in West Sand Lake (HIGHLY recommended!)
  • Hair and Makeup: The fabulous ladies of LK's Salon, Rotterdam, NY
  • Flowers: Ambiance, Albany
  • DJ: Paul Malo, Clifton Park
  • Limo: Today's Limo, Albany
  • Photography: Keira Lemonis
  • B-Pics: Lillie Studios (Luke Walker)


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My amazing SIL and BIL got these for FI and I at our engagement party. I love the detail on the flute stems and the handles!

Toasting Flutes and Cake Serving Set photo 1 Toasting Flutes and Cake Serving Set photo 2

Toasting Flutes and Cake Serving Set photo 3

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I created some out of town brochures FREE through Vista Print! (I'm not totally sure we're actually doing OOT bags yet, but it's on the list and I was placing a Vistaprint order anyways, so it seemed silly to pay the extra shipping/handling again) On it we have..

-A welcome note

-Directions to the church and the reception

-The wedding party

-Things to do in Albany


-Phone numbers (Airport, Taxi, Church and both of our Mom's in case of emergency)

OOT Brochures photo 1 OOT Brochures photo 2

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The beautiful cake topper I am sharing with 4 other PW brides!!

Cake Topper photo 1

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FREE save the dates from www.vistaprint.com

I think they were actually like 5 dollars with shipping and processing...but definitely worth it! And they are postcards, so the postage was cheap :)

Save the Dates photo 1