Jul 24, 2009

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So, I finally (almost) finished a project! But enough of it is done to post about. I made reserved signs for the reception to tie/attach to chairs. There are 7 in all - Mr. Mrs, MOB, MOG, FOG, BM and MOH... I might possibly do some for grandparents too. They are printed on linen cardstock, then mounted on green, then purple cardstock (from Michael's). The swirl is from another PW gal. Not too shabby I think! ;-)

My First DIY Reserved Signs photo 1

My First DIY Reserved Signs photo 2

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No seriously, this is just a start...I will be adding A LOT more!

Things to Buy

-M cake topper (or DIY) ( sharing a GORGEOUS one with some fabulous PW ladies!)

-Cardbox (or DIY) (purchased a birdcage from saveoncrafts.com)



-Wedding rings

-Table numbers (or DIY) we went with DIY table names

-Picture frame for photo collage

-Goodies for OOT baskets (water, candy, snacks, etc.)

-Gable boxes for OOT baskets

-Green, satin ribbon for the wedding cake

-Buy linen cardstock for invitation inserts

-Bridesmaid gifts (for the wedding and the shower)

Things to Do

-Finish the OTT brochures on Vistaprint

-Finish the mockups of the invitations and begin printing and assembling the REAL ones =)

-Create a monogram

-Signs for the reception (bride, groom, etc.)


-Make and copy programs

-Mount monograms on cardstock for gable boxes

-Seating Charts

-Order more M&M's for favors

-Finish putting favors together

-Get marriage license

Things to figure out

-Hair and make up

-If/when to do b-photos! (May 1st!)

-Sparklers at the reception? (great photo-op)

-Transportation - limo, antique car, etc.

-Comb/flowers in hair?

-Table number or names?

-Favors (some ideas are M&M's, cookies, seed packets) : martini glasses with green M&M's

-Ceremony music


-Reception music (First Dance: Jason Mraz I'm Yours...still need to figure out cake cutting song and parent dances)

-Finish timeline and send to photographer




 Let me know if I'm forgetting anything ;-)



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Grrrr....this is what is stressing me out! I will post more progress as I get them done, but right now I have green metallic pocketfolds from www.cardsandpockets.com. I am doing the rest of the inserts/designing/printing myself and it is a little bit overwhelming!

Invitations photo 1


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Over my winter vacation, I met up with my best college girlfriends and we finally picked out their dresses!! They are super cute and light, great for a summer wedding in a non-air conditioned church!

This is the dress, but we ordered it in "eggplant", which for some reason I can't pull up on the computer (the color "grape" is showing). And there will be a matching belt for the bridesmaids and a white one for my MOH.

The Girls Dresses photo 1

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About Us!

Chris and I are both teachers - I teach in an elementary school and Chris teaches social studies in a middle school. We both love to spend time with our families (some of whom live too far away :(  and relax in our new home, which we bought this summer.

Chris and I met "through friends" (a.k.a. at a bar - but really...friends introduced us!) We danced most of the night and Chris asked for my phone number. Though I was sure he wouldn't really call, I did give it to him. Much to my surprise, he called a few days later! I had to screen the call though because I couldn't remember his name! :) My memory has gotten much better since.

We had been dating for about two years when Chris took me shopping for wedding rings. Two months later, he proposed. We were on a weekend trip to Vermont  and after dinner at a restaurant called "The Perfect Wife", he got down on one knee back at our bed and breakfast and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes, and we started calling everyone to tell them the good news.