Aug 15, 2009

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ok, it was like the easiest thing 2 do, but i decorated it myself! First DIY photo 1

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Expensive, but I just had 2 get them-so darn cute! Caricatures of Nick & I as wedding cake toppers! :)Cake Toppers The Icing on the Cake photo 1

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the venue photo 1the venue photo 2the venue photo 3the venue photo 4the venue photo 5the venue photo 6

We couldn't afford disneyland, so we're having the wedding across from disneyland @ embassy suites. i love the whole tropical theme. its so cool bc we get married on a bridge, overlooking a waterfall & koi pond with real fish & turtles :)

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craziness! so i have 12 bridesmaids & we were very blessed 2 get these babies for only $50 in downtown LA! bridesmaid dresses photo 1this is the maid-of-honor-dress.bridesmaid dresses photo 2 the bridesmaid dresses are short bc i wanted them to be able to wear them more than once :) they will also be wearing silver shoes which look sensational!

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So i created my personalized wedding vow...


My Wedding Vow


I may not always tell you

Exactly how I feel

But today is our special day

To express to you & everyone

How much my love is real!

I promise to try my best

To keep you happy & take care

Of you everyday,

& constantly try to make you

smile & laugh with your adorable dimples

& always listen to what you have to say.

I confess with all my heart

To never let our love, faith, & trust in God

Fall apart,

Baby, you have my word that I will

Center God in our marriage & put the Lord first,

& be there for you always through better or for worse.

I’ll be strong & positive through any drama,

Most especially when I become your baby’s mama.

I promise I will support your goals & dreams

& still love you even though you always scare me

& make me scream!

You deserve joy & happiness,

Nothing but the best,

& that’s what I pledge to give,

I will love you forever my Nicholas,

For as long as I shall live.