Apr 18, 2009

Turnip Rose Catering
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
I was very impressed with the coordination and the service provided by the Turnip Rose. Everybody kept raving about their food. When I booked with them, they had just switched over from being the exclusive vendors to one of the vendors there. Also, the person who I was originally working with left and when she left so did a lot of the promises she made me. There was a lot of confusion and diasppointments after I got switched to another person. They also nickel and dime you for everything - parking, security, dance floor, etc... but at the end of the day they do try and work with you to make you happy and all my guests had an amazing time. They were very detailed with their itiniery and had both a ceremony and a reception.
Services used: Catering

Creative Cakes
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I went in for the cake tasting and they had very yummy cake samples. I forgot my photo inspiration so I told them I would email them later. I emailed a few pics. and then talked to somebody over the phone to discuss the pics. I was kind of vague and basically wanted them to creative something as long as it had a wave going up with. Well, I was absolutely amazed when I saw my cake. It was exactly what I wanted. I also did not have to pay a dime because it came with my turnip rose package. They delieverd on time and I could stare at that cake forever. They also provide you with a small anniversary cake on your one year anniversary, instead of freezing it. I am so impressed!!
Services used: Wedding Cake

ULC Limos
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
James from ULC limos was kind of hard to get a hold of via email, and wouldn't respond or if he did, it would be days later. When I did get to talk to him he was helpful, there was always a bad connection with this phone line. When they came to pick us up, there was no red carpet or just married sign as promised, however, we did get the limo for the earlier part of the day, not after. They would not send a car back to pick us up because they claimed everything was booked for prom, I think weddings should have more priority over prom! I had to ask for a ride home which was tacky. The driver kept asking for the payment, which was something that was going to be handled after drop off and I did not need to be bothered with that during before the ceremony. They also told me to get out of the car, as I was waiting to go in because time was up. I think things could have been handled better. We were pleasantly surprised to see vodka and scotch stocked though.
Services used: Transportation

A nite on the town
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
This was the first place I went to try on dresses and I LOVED two of them. Becca was so helpful and gave me her full attention, and helped me in and out of the dresses. Their prices were a lot more reasonable than what I had seen in boutiques, but David's Bridal could be cheaper. I went to Alfred Angelo after that and was disgusted by their dreses, they had makeup stains on them, rips, and were way more expensive. All I could think about was the first two dresses;two totally different styles. I decided to just go back there, and later on ended up ordering it in my size. I also found out that you could rent the dresses they have on the rack there for half the price, which I kind of wish I had did because I am not going to wear it again and could have used the money. On the other hand I think that is a lot of money to wear just for a day! I went back again months later with my mom, who could not go with me the first time. Becca totally remembered me and knew exactly what dress to grab before I even opened my mouth. She was just as helpful as she was the first time. We looked at their veils there, they have really pretty and they had a wide selection but only of fingertip length. I think I want elbow. They also have really pretty jewelery and spanx there too! The alteration only took 1 week and even though was overpriced, got the job done quick and was impressed!
Services used: Unique Services

Natalie Williams Photographer
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Natalie was recommended to me through my coordinator, when I could not afford to hire Jonilyn. Natalie has a very similar style to Jonilyn and is very affordable compared to others. After meeting Natalie, my fiance and I knew we HAD to have her for our wedding. She is soooooo sweet and has such a cool and collected personality. She replies to my random late night emails super fast with creative, inspiring ideas. I absolutely adore her and I thrilled to have her as part of my team. Now that is after the wedding, I could not imagine having anybody else. Her, Ryel and Molli were part of my dream team. She was very cool, calm and collected and helped me calm down my nerves and assisted with issues that had nothing to do with pictures. Everybody can't stop raving about how fun the photobooth was that she set up and the slideshow and the images are soo fun! That made my wedding. I asked her in assistance in making envelopes and photobooth tickets. Not only were they the cutest, most perfect things I have ever seen but she stayed up all night making them and stamping and embossing them, going above and beyond her duties. I have only seen the teasers so far, but I can see her artisitic talent and I am in love with her style. I highly highly recommend her to everybody and anybody. I would book her asap as her prices might go up when people start noticing how fabulous she is!
Services used: Photography

Music Phreek DJ & Lighting Services
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
I had high expectations with Vynce going into my wedding because of all the wonderful reviews I read about Vynce. He is very quick to respond to your calls and emails and very helpful in inviting you over to his house to listen and pick songs. He has impressive, high tech equipment. At the last minute, I backed out of his infamous dance of the decades "dance contest" and wish I would have done it, because it would have made the night more fun since we had a dancing crowd. I wouold ask him to show you the video that he has of one wedding he did, that does it. He acts more like a coordinator than just a dj, and does go above and beyond his dj services helping you with any problem you may need . I can not not remember him "mc"ing that much but I was also very occupied and distracted with many things. A lot of the time, I did not know what was going on or what would come next, but that is my fault because I should have went over the itiniery more. Vynce himself was very professional and on time. The only thing that I was slightly disappointed with was the lighting, I had 14 tin cans for uplighting and did not notice it that much. My impression was that the whole room was going to look blue. Once again, I maybe should have ordered more. Overall, I was very happy with Vynce's services and the music he played. I would highly recommend him!
Services used: DJ

V3 Weddings & Events
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I don't know what my wedding would be like without Vanessa. She is always there for me calming me down when I am panicking out about the little things and getting me back on track when I am feeling super stressed out and overwhelmed. She is super organized, replies to you same day, is affordable, and comes up with amazing ideas. UPDATED: Now that my wedding is over, I have the true review. I knew coming into the day, that I would not have to worry about a thing because of how organized, calm and collected Vanessa and her assistant was. They went over every detail with each other prior and when I arrived to the yacht club everything was perfection, really above and beyond what I was expecting. When I had lost the cylinder vases for my centerpeices one hour before the ceremony, they handled everything and the centerpeices they made up were better than the original plans. I can not thank Vanessa and her staff more for making my wedding go flawlessly. She knows I love the small details, and all the work she put in the details made me so happy. When I was nervous or upset, they acted like my best friend and calmed me down. When something went wrong, they handled it immediately without me even knowing that something happened. I would recommend Vanessa of V3 events to anybody getting married in California, she will give you the wedding of your dreams and you won't have to pay an arm and leg to make it happen. I would book her immediately before her business blows up, like it's about to.
Services used: Wedding Planning

Art with Nature Floral Design
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Kim gave me the most beautiful wedding that I ever could imagine. I live in San Diego and did not have time to meet with her before hand and had a hard budget to work with. Kim was so understanding and worked with me, in every aspect and gave me the most unbelieveable centerpeices and people are still talking about my bouquet. I was so in love with my bouquet and the bling she put on it. She really did go above and beyond my expectations and I would highly recommended her to everybody and anybody. Her work is like art, she is so creative and puts flawless details in everything she did. I did not have to worry about a thing, as she set up my reception room and threw in little extras that made it so special to me. When I look back at the pictures, all I can see is her beautiful work and I can not thank her enough. Do not think twice about having her do your wedding, you will not be disappointed, you can not even imagine the gorgeous work she will do for you for such amazing prices.
Services used: Flowers