Aug 08, 2009

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His first few hellos to me never caught my attention. He accepted the cold shoulder and never gave up, but instead I eventually give in. Our courtship begun with many late nights of exchanging words back and forth. Finally, on a June evening back in 2002, I accepted his movie/coffee date and the rest is history. It was his persistency in the way he approached me that sparked a life long connection. Since meeting each other, we have discovered love, laughter, tears, and silliness together.

I always believe that no couple should have to wait for Valentine's Day to come around to celebrate their love with each other. For that said, I was treating February 14, 2008, as another ordinary day until my sweetie surprised me with a marriage proposal. I almost created a nervous breakdown in him with my two minutes of silence. And here we are finding ourselves, on the journey to being a pair that will see not only each other grow old, but see each other grow together. In Love, in Christ, and in Eternity.