Apr 17, 2010

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I love the idea of doing a candy buffet. So we are going to make this our favors to our guests. We are going to have some sort of bag or box with a sticker or stamp to make it more personal. Here are the vases and scoops (thanks for selling the scoops VA09) for my sweet treat candy buffet!!


Let there be SWEETS photo 1 We have two of both big containers and a few more scoops.

The Real Thing =)

Let there be SWEETS photo 2Let there be SWEETS photo 3Let there be SWEETS photo 4


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Credit goes to AshleyP she had this fabulous idea to set out anni cards on each table and instructions to have our guests write us notes for the future. I love this idea. My MOH will seal them up and then we will keep them until our first anniversary.

Here is what the instruction sign will say:

"Please take a moment to write us a note in our anniversary card. Your table number represents how many years in the future the card will be opened. -Mr. and Mrs. Walsh"

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Pros: The final product

The BouquetsPaper Flowers GALORE photo 1Paper Flowers GALORE photo 2Paper Flowers GALORE photo 3Paper Flowers GALORE photo 4

Paper Ceremony Flowers

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 5Paper Flowers GALORE photo 6Paper Flowers GALORE photo 7

Boys Flowers

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 8Paper Flowers GALORE photo 9

Reception Flowers

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 10Paper Flowers GALORE photo 11Paper Flowers GALORE photo 12Paper Flowers GALORE photo 13Paper Flowers GALORE photo 14Paper Flowers GALORE photo 15Paper Flowers GALORE photo 16Paper Flowers GALORE photo 17Paper Flowers GALORE photo 18


I was brainstorming theme ideas and I got inspired by a fellow PWer who made the most gorgeous coffee filter flowers. So I decided that I am going to go with an all paper flower wedding, paper centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, pomanders, invitations, and all over decor. I love the idea because April is a really springy time of the year. Also I love that paper flowers will be unique and different but still elegant and beautiful. I have a year (and 3 days) to pull it off so as long as I get started early I believe that the undertaking of making thousands of paper flowers won't be too bad. I think the result will be very worth it.

Here are some of my inspirations... I will update with my own trials when I do them.

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 19 I love these for the colors. I think they would look great in a bouquet, boutinneer, corsage, or just scattered down the isle or on the tables.

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 20 I would love to wear something like this in my hair or have them decorate my card box or wish tree. Or I could go big and hang them on the walls or from the celing.

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 21 These would make gorgeous bouquets!!!

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 22 I love the idea of something like this as the big alter pieces or as centerpieces or... =) options are endless.

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 23 I love how dainty and beautiful this is!!

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 24 So gorgeous and SUPER EASY!

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 25 Can you say wish tree?

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 26 Another beautiful example of paper flowers.

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 27 I love love love these.

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 28 How cute for favors!!



Paper Flowers GALORE photo 29 Paper Flowers GALORE photo 30Paper Flowers GALORE photo 31 My origami flowers. I think I will use them for pomaders and possibly place cards. They take quite a while to make but I think they are so fun and gorgeous!!

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 32Paper Flowers GALORE photo 33Paper Flowers GALORE photo 34Paper Flowers GALORE photo 35Paper Flowers GALORE photo 36Paper Flowers GALORE photo 37

These are all of the tissue paper flowers. I love them but they are ultra fragile so I am not quite sure how I will store them once I start mass producing. But I am thinking of using a combination of tissue paper and crepe paper flowers for my bouquets and boutineers.

Paper Flowers GALORE photo 38Paper Flowers GALORE photo 39

These are my crepe paper flowers. I know they are the wrong colors, but it was just a trial from a kit. I love them, so I will use white and blue crepe paper instead. These belong in my bouquet and possibly centerpieces. I haven't quite figured those out yet.

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MY DRESS!!!! La Sposa Galilea

On my wedding day =)

THE Dress photo 1THE Dress photo 2THE Dress photo 3THE Dress photo 4THE Dress photo 5THE Dress photo 6

My amazing bustle!THE Dress photo 7

EDIT: I picked up MY real dress on August 28th. I love love love love it all over again. I can't wait to wear it in 7 1/2 months =)

THE Dress photo 8THE Dress photo 9THE Dress photo 10THE Dress photo 11THE Dress photo 12THE Dress photo 13THE Dress photo 14THE Dress photo 15THE Dress photo 16THE Dress photo 17 I was so excited... can you tell?

THE Dress photo 18THE Dress photo 19THE Dress photo 20THE Dress photo 21THE Dress photo 22THE Dress photo 23THE Dress photo 24 Cait's reaction

THE Dress photo 25 Grandma's Reaction

THE Dress photo 26 Auntie Sheri's Reaction (she cried awwww)

THE Dress photo 27 Mom was so stoked.

THE Dress photo 28THE Dress photo 29THE Dress photo 30


I fell in love on my first day of shopping. It was absolutely everything I had ever imagined and more. Plus there was no way my sisters, mom, or cousin was going to let me leave there without ordering it. I can't believe I have to wait till August to get it again. I am seriously in love!!!

THE Dress photo 31THE Dress photo 32

THE Dress photo 33THE Dress photo 34

THE Dress photo 35THE Dress photo 36

THE Dress photo 37THE Dress photo 38

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THE Bling photo 1THE Bling photo 2

THE Bling photo 3THE Bling photo 4





My beautiful band..

THE Bling photo 5

Here are some FUN ring shots!

THE Bling photo 6THE Bling photo 7THE Bling photo 8THE Bling photo 9THE Bling photo 10THE Bling photo 11THE Bling photo 12THE Bling photo 13THE Bling photo 14THE Bling photo 15THE Bling photo 16

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We are getting married April 17th, 2010 at the Admiral Kidd Club in San Diego, CA. It is on the Anti-Submarine base on the bay. It is sooo beautiful. Our ceremony and reception are at this location. We will get married on a really cute little lawn with a cement isle that drops off into the bay water. There will be ships passing by, the city skyline in the background, and the sunset as well. We are getting married around 5 pm and our ceremony is a stone's throw away. It is absolutely everything and more than I ever dreamed!!

Our Location photo 1Our Location photo 2


Here is our wedding at the Admiral Kidd Catering and Conference Center. Best Location EVER! =)

Our Location photo 3Our Location photo 4Our Location photo 5Our Location photo 6Our Location photo 7