Apr 17, 2010

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Matt did an amazing job on planning the engagement. He did everything sooo secretively and I had no clue. It was the perfect surprise on the perfect day with the perfect man. It all started with him telling me that I had to be home at a certain time, he actually made me move my meeting with my principal to accommodate. Which was not that weird because it was our two year anniversary. So I didn't think anything of it. He left a bouquet of flowers on my car, so sweet. I was still oblivious (which will be the theme of this blog). We went for a hike up our usual mountain hike with our two doggies. Matt didn't seem to be acting weird or uncomfortable. Of course I was wearing my workout pants, sports bra, and tank which of course is everyone's ideal outfit to get engaged in right? Well Matt, being the amazing man that he is, packed me a cute dress to wear. We were getting close to the top when he stopped and told me there was a dress code at the top of the mountain. I thought it was adorable and assumed we were going to have a picnic or something up there for our anniversary. He left me to enjoy the perfectly clear day. It had rained the previous three days and Matt seriously willed it to be clear for that day. Side Note: he was obsessing about the weather days before, I didn't think anything of it. Matt finally called me to join him on top of the mountain. He had set up a whole picnic area with a table, chairs, plates with cute salads, wine, flowers, candles the whole nine yards. I did notice his hands were shaking a little bit, but it was pretty cold so I was STILL OBLIVIOUS! I just thought he was being his amazing self and setting up something wonderful for our anniversary. He had carried up a 100 pound backpack with a table and chairs tied to it that morning. He is seriously amazing!! After eating a bit of salad he asked me what I had planned for the next day with my students (I teach 4th grade). I told him what I was doing yada yada yada. Then he pulled out a kiddy movie and said I could show it to my kids instead. I was puzzled and asked why?? He told me I would probably be really tired the next day. I was confused and totally not catching on. I assumed he was talking about us going to dinner or something. OBLIVIOUS!!! Then, he got down on his knee and told me all sorts of sweet things and then asked me to be his wife. My jaw dropped, I think I put my head in my hands, I was soooo super shocked and excited. I cried, he cried, and it was the most amazing moment ever!! He picked out the most amazing ring in the world. I love it so much. I guess he had it in our house for over a month. He had shown all of our friends and asked my mom and dad on Thanksgiving (he and my mom both cried then). He is seriously the sweetest man alive and I feel so blessed that he is going to be my man forever and ever!! AMEN

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I met Matt through a mutual friend. Jon, our friend, lived across the hall from each other in the dorms our first year of school. Matt and Jon went to junior high school together and have been friends ever since. I had met Matt in passing before but it wasn't until a end of the semester celebrations that I really got to know him. That night Matt and I hit it off. He asked me to go to his Christmas party for work that weekend. We went to the party and hit it off completely. I was seriously smitten. Then, he took me dancing that night where we had our first kiss. We have been absolutely inseperable ever since. I fell in love with him instantly. He is the only man for me forever. When I think of Matt I think of becoming what my Grandma and Papa are for each other. I love this man!

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