Apr 22, 2006

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thanks for looking at our photos and reviews! we had a wonderful wedding on april 22, 2006, in orange county. it wasn't a budget wedding by any means, but we did keep costs down (so we could splurge on photography!) by doing lots of things ourselves. we wanted our personalities to shine throughout the day.

among the little things that made the wedding very us:

* we baked our cookie favors -- fortune cookies (I'm 1/4 Chinese) and Norwegian butter cookies (his mom's side is Norwegian)
* baseball-shaped groom's cake. We're Angels season ticket holders!
* our cherry blossom motif was borrowed from the design of our favorite set of dinner plates.
* we made the playlists for pretty much every minute of the day until the dance floor opened and we let our DJ do his thing. on my ipod i still have playlists for: girls get ready, cocktail hour, dinnertime, after party, etc.
* i wore pink shoes. i love pink. then i dyed them black after the wedding so i could wear them for work!

in all, we had a wonderful day. my e-mail is blue925 at hotmail dot com if you have any questions or just want to say hi. :) congrats, and happy plannning!