Sep 19, 2009

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OK, so I'm the least creative person I know.  But I have done two DYI's that I'm very proud of! hehe

thought I'd post them.

DYI photo 1

I had made my own monogram and I incorporated it into a favor tag.  It's just printed on plain white paper here but I plan on going to Michale's next time I have a coupon (which they send one every week) and buying ivory card stock to print them on.  Once I have the final product I'll take another pic.

DYI photo 2 DYI photo 3

I bought votives on sale at Michael's and found dyi instructions right here on PW on how to make a wrap.  I found a picture on the internet of a damask that I liked, copied it, used powerpoint and voila, the above it what I got. I cheated too.  I didn't use velum.  I just printed on plain white paper, glued on with mog podge (best stuff EVER) and it seems to work.  I lite a candle and let it burn for 4 hours or more and it was fine (was worried the paper may burn or discolour from the heat).  I originally was just impatient to buy the velum and wanted to see what it would look like so I did one.  After I found out how much the velum was gonna cost me I said forget it and just used the paper.  It saved me like $18.  Not a hole lot of money but $18 here $18 there adds up.

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Make up trial before and after s photo 1  Make up trial before and after s photo 2

close ups:

Make up trial before and after s photo 3 Make up trial before and after s photo 4

Pls excuse my "lovely" hair.  Had my make up trial today after work and I'm very pleased.  I don't usually wear make-up (mascara and lip gloss that's about it) I didn't want something tooooo dramatic that I didn't look like myself but I also didn't want boring. Just "jazz" me up a little for my big day!  I think she achieved that.  My MOH's cousin works for MAC and she's doing all our make-up for an amazing price.  I just love her. 

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Colours photo 1

I had originally wanted to stay away from the more fall like colours as our wedding is not quite fall yet BUT here I am with a colour scheme of Chocolate Brown, Burnt Orange, Red/Burgundy and Gold.  I love it and think it will look awesome.  There will also be subtle hints of ivory, green ect... to lighten it up, through the flowers.


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This is our cake.  FI actually picked it out!!  We are not doing the design on the bottom though.  It will all be the same.  I'm really not into the "Groom and Bride" toppers so will most likely have either flowers or something of that sort.  The cake in the shop had a big "sugar" bow and it look really good. 


Cake photo 1 Nancy's Sweets     Cake photo 2 Stole this from H.Smiths's photo's - it shows kinda what the cake will look like with out the bottom layer.

     Cake photo 3 This is a bad pic, but it's the cake stand the cake will be on to give it more height.

This was the cake I wanted and forgot my picture to show them.  When FI really liked the above cake I figured it was a win, win.  Because he liked the cake he didn't care about the price and it was typical of the designs I've been liking  ;) (although my heart is sooo with the cake below!)

Cake photo 4

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Ok, so I'm not a very "crafty" type of girl.  I know what I like ect.. ect.. but sometimes putting it together on my own can be funny at best.  So I was fooling around tonight trying to come up with some concepts to show our (graphic artist) friend who is doing our invites and such what kind of monogram I would like.  WELL.. I must say I'm kinda pround of myself.  I watched a video on Youtube on how to make a monogram in powerpoint (which I know nothing about) and voila!  The below it what I got.  I know it is the same " J " in all of them but really there aren't too many nice "fancy" J's out there! Why couldn't FI have a last name that started with M, N, S or something of that sort  LOL...  anyways I can't wait to show our friend how "creative" I was tonight.  She is soooo gonna laugh at me. 

Monograms photo 1Monograms photo 2

Monograms photo 3