Oct 17, 2009

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Ricky and I met on march 17th of 2007. We were introduced by Brandon Davidson and Michelle Richardson. They had no intention of either of us being interested in one another. We became very intuitive once we had seen the love we each had for mustangs.

Everywhere I looked throughout the house was a mustang model car or something that had to do with mustangs. I got a tour of the house and the first thing that I had spotted was his Large mustang portrait and the bookcase full of model stangs. I immediately knew he was someone who shared the love for mustangs as musch as I had. When showing me the rest of the house, I spotted two books dedicated to mustangs. I knew this one was a keeper. More and more I felt that I had met my Prince Charming and realized that one day he was going to take me away on his White horse..... (Blue Stang).......!

 I love him more and more with each day that passes by. He has been nothing but the best to me. He treats me with respect and truly understands me. He always makes the best of me shine and we always end balancing eachother out.