May 22, 2009

Le Croissant Catering
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Works wonders!!! This catering company not only does weddings for the University of Utah but will accomadate just about anywhere! Sadly, even at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts they are stuck in an elevator all evening, they create a beautiful atomsphere of the most delicious foods. you cannot go wrong this less-expensive (for brides on a budget) caterer. Pat and her partner are sweethearts and will definitely go the extra mile to make everything taste just right!
Services used: Catering

Granite Bakery
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
this bakery is amazing!!! They will make any cake and any design that you want for your wedding cake. It's all up to you to decide the limitless options. Whatever you can wish for, it's yours! Plus they don't cost very much. My price included a groom's cake too for a fun surprise! The nice thing about Granite Bakery is that you can also pick any flavor. Again the options are every cake you can imagine with an option of doing different flavors for every single layer. And the best part about it. . . you don't even have to make an appointment to come in! They work around your schedule! For a cake that's fabulous, I'd recommend any bride to go here!
Services used: Wedding Cake

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
This is one amazing store! You can find everything you need all in one stop. I highly recommend going to go see their associate Heidi for a dress. They have so many dresses there that it's almost impossible not to find one that you will love. After going to so many different stores, this one was great because no one was in a hurry and there were plenty of associates around to pull off dresses and help with trying to find the right one. There is also an on-site alterations which takes out all the guess work to getting your dress to fit right! Also, there is no pressure whatsoever. Those girls are so sweet and they know that whatever you choose, it'll be great for you. Plus, while getting your dress they will give you a discount for your accessories. Everything there matches. I was able to find the perfect dress, shoes, jewelery, veil, tiara, the whole works!!!
Services used: Dress & Attire, Invitations

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I haven't picked a florist yet but this was definitely the worst experience I have had as perparing for my wedding. They were so unfriendly and not welcoming. To even have a consultation they require a minimum of $25 be paid up front without even seeing what kind of work they can do. It took over 6 phone calls to even see if they had my date open and if they could schedule me in. It was the worst customer service ever only to find out after spending so long with them on the phone and agreeing to eventually pay the 25 dollar fee, that they were booked for my day. My suggestion for brides, don't even bother calling this place.
Services used: Flowers