Aug 15, 2009

Amor Bakery
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We got our wedding cake at Amor Bakery few weeks ago. I couldn't wait long to write this review for them. Here are the specs of our cake: 3 tier square white fondant cake with chocolate floral piping design There are a lot of flavor to choose from: chocolate, tiramisu, mango moose, valet, napolean, strawberry you name it. We got Tiramisu, mango moose and velvet flavors for 125 guests. The total cost is ONLY $250!! (which included delivery charge from rosemead to Malibu!!) How good is the cake? My fiance (now my husband) and I went for the cake tasting. We had one slice of each flavor. While I was talking to the owner, my husband was able to finish eating all the pieces in less than a minute!! That tells you how good they taste. Tiramisu is our favorite. We set it as the bottom layer and all the guests love it! Tommy (the owner) is SUPER nice. All I did was providing him few pictures, and told him the design that I wanted and he was able to generate it! I went there so far advance to reserve it worrying that they require a lot of time for booking. But it turns out I was only required to pay the full amount few days before the wedding and it's all set. One little tip is we have a LOT of cake left over (almost half a cake). It probably because our guests were stuffed up from the wedding buffet. If I have to order again, I would probably go a little under the actual guest count. Amor Bakery is awesome and I would highly recommend it to any other brides/groom-to-be!
Services used: Wedding Cake

( 4.0 / 5.0 )
Photography was one of the first things we wanted to eliminate from our list and we signed up with John almost a year in advance. The first meet and greet went well. John brought Amy along. They are nice people. They also allowed us to negotiate their price down a bit because we opted not to get a photo album done. We were more interested in the photographs and when we were ready we could always get the album later. Having him be accommodating on the price was a nice considering we were headed into the worst of the recession that was to follow. They captured a lot of photos, but I did wish he took more pictures of our family members. My wife and I should have reminded him, but we didn't have a wedding planner that day so we were pretty much flying by the seat of our pant, for my wife her dress. Anyway I figured he would have been cognizant about it since he does weddings professionally, but I guess he didn't either. It's not that big, but it would have been nice to see more pictures of immediate family members during the reception time. He did stay with us until the very end almost and considering our far location in Malibu that was pretty nice. Thanks again for all the memorable photos.
Services used: Photography

Inta Gems & Diamonds
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
INTA Gems was actually the 2nd jeweler I dealt with during my long drawn out process in obtaining my engagement ring. I actually bought the diamond through my first jeweler. I wanted a custom band and setting and I had provided the 1st jeweler with specific pictures and their craftsmanship was beyond horrible. On top of that the first band he showed me was not remotely close to the pictures I provided and I ended up finding out that it was one of their model bands. I looked at the setting and it was crooked. I made him look at it and he finally agreed that it was crooked. I didn't want to do business with this vendor anymore. I felt he gave me a good deal on the diamond, but I didn't like his business style and what he tried to pull on me with the band. I took my business elsewhere. Fast forward like a month I found INTA Gems on the Internet through a random web search. I always knew about the Downtown LA Jewelry District, but was apprehensive about shopping for a ring there because I didn't know anything about jewelry and there are so many vendors down I wasn't sure who to visit. I didn't want to be ripped off since I was clueless about jewelry. I met Peter down at the shop and he was extremely nice. It's funny because he thought I was some he knew before, but in fact this was our first time meeting. I showed him pictures of the band and we talked about the positives and negatives. We spent at least an hour talking about the ring and I got to know more about his personal life. He's so personable and made me comfortable at the store. It was like having shooting the breeze with friends. His parents are super nice as well. We ended up getting the band from him and they set the diamond for me and we also ended up getting both our wedding bands there too. All in all great prices for your value and incredible customer service. Stop on in because they treat everyone like family. Thank you very much for the great bling!
Services used: Jewelry