Jul 03, 2009

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For the bridesmaids I purchased them each a bracelet and matching earrings.  I did two girls in the

aqua color and two girls in the brown color.  I then decided to make them matching drop necklaces, I made them for about $7 each from purchasing everything on  I attached the necklaces to little cards I made that have a cute saying and say made with love by Lynette.  I finished the gift off with aqua flip flops from old navy and a cute satin bag instead of a traditional gift bag.  The girls loved them and can wear the jewelry again.

For instructins on the necklaces go to:

Bridesmaid Gifts photo 1 Bridesmaid Gifts photo 2

Bridesmaid Gifts photo 3

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Here are a few...there are so so many that I love! EDIT- I just noticed that some of them are distorted bc I stretched them out, I will have to fix that later :).

Rachelle Photography photo 1 Rachelle Photography photo 2 Rachelle Photography photo 3

Rachelle Photography photo 4 Rachelle Photography photo 5

Rachelle Photography photo 6 Rachelle Photography photo 7 Rachelle Photography photo 8 Rachelle Photography photo 9 Rachelle Photography photo 10 Rachelle Photography photo 11

 Rachelle Photography photo 12 Rachelle Photography photo 13

Rachelle Photography photo 14 Rachelle Photography photo 15Rachelle Photography photo 16 Rachelle Photography photo 17

Rachelle Photography photo 18       Rachelle Photography photo 19

Rachelle Photography photo 20 Rachelle Photography photo 21

Rachelle Photography photo 22         Rachelle Photography photo 23Rachelle Photography photo 24 Rachelle Photography photo 25   

             Rachelle Photography photo 26 Rachelle Photography photo 27

 Rachelle Photography photo 28 Rachelle Photography photo 29 Rachelle Photography photo 30Rachelle Photography photo 31 Rachelle Photography photo 32

Rachelle Photography photo 33 Rachelle Photography photo 34Rachelle Photography photo 35 Rachelle Photography photo 36

Rachelle Photography photo 37 Rachelle Photography photo 38 Rachelle Photography photo 39Rachelle Photography photo 40 Rachelle Photography photo 41


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The day was perfect and not a single thing went wrong.  It went by so so so fast!

All of my vendors were amazing and the venue was stunning and the staff was so nice and accomodating.  The decorations and color combo turned out better than planned.  The candy bar was beautiful and a huge hit- I only spent about $80 on 5 types of bulk candy/cookies/brownie bites and it was a perfect amount!  The DJ was AMAZING and the life of the party, he did the best job ever!  Our slideshow was so special and made us tear up.  My fi actually said he was sad it was over, and that is a big deal coming from him! 

The food was AWESOME- but we coulnd't eat, neither of us were hungry at all...but we had a few bites of everything.  Cake was fantastic- we took a ton home, so we are enjoying that today.

Here are a few pics that my WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL photographer blogged- waiting for more :).

AWESOME, AWESOME Vendors: Rachelle Photography, Fretty's DJ & Limo, River City Cake Co, All the Joy Weddings, Catta Verdera CC, Forever Yours Florist, Eye for Detail Artistry

Getting Ready

We re Married photo 1 We re Married photo 2

We re Married photo 3 We re Married photo 4 We re Married photo 5 We re Married photo 6

Pro pic Teasers- Rachelle Photography (outstanding btw)

We re Married photo 7We re Married photo 8

We re Married photo 9 We re Married photo 10

We re Married photo 11 We re Married photo 12

We re Married photo 13 We re Married photo 14

We re Married photo 15 We re Married photo 16 

Some from family and friends

We re Married photo 17 We re Married photo 18 We re Married photo 19 We re Married photo 20

First Dance                           My Sister (MOH) and I        

We re Married photo 21 We re Married photo 22 We re Married photo 23




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Our STD Magnets

Invites and such photo 1


BIG THANKS to PW bride Alex- she rocks!

Invites and such photo 2Invites and such photo 3Invites and such photo 4

Invites and such photo 5

Back                                                       Front

Invites and such photo 6   Invites and such photo 7

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Here are the pics from the BEST day ever!  My sister had tanks made for me and the bridal party, they are so cute!  They have a cute saying on the front and then something on the back (except mine) that matches each girls personality.  Mine said "lucky me the bride to be July 3, 2009".  My sister (MOH) is far right in the pic.

Shower 4 25 andBachelorette 6 20 photo 1Shower 4 25 andBachelorette 6 20 photo 2

 Shower 4 25 andBachelorette 6 20 photo 3Shower 4 25 andBachelorette 6 20 photo 4


Shower 4 25 andBachelorette 6 20 photo 5Shower 4 25 andBachelorette 6 20 photo 6

Shower 4 25 andBachelorette 6 20 photo 7


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