Jun 12, 2010

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Our ever so gracious Aunt Debbie and Uncle Dino sent us to Aruba!  We had a great time.  In the end, however, I still want to go to St. Lucia for our one year anniversary!  And all-inclusive is DEF the way to go!

handsome hubs outside our resort!

Our Aruba Honeymoon photo 1

swimming in a lagoon, margarita in hand of course!!

Our Aruba Honeymoon photo 2

i was attacked by a coral reef while snorkeling!! LOL  and it left a pretty bad scar too!

Our Aruba Honeymoon photo 3

token honeymoon food shot:

Our Aruba Honeymoon photo 4

little does everyone know, aruba is NOT a tropical island!  it almost all DESERT!  with very cool rocks and terrifying looking coastlines!  we did a jeep tour of the whole island, which we almost died on =)

Our Aruba Honeymoon photo 5

Our Aruba Honeymoon photo 6

lunch break!  lovely... lol

Our Aruba Honeymoon photo 7

OUR stack!  there's a tradition in aruba to build your own stack of rocks, each standing for a different virtue :love, success, happiness, children, etc  hubby built ours, so cute!

Our Aruba Honeymoon photo 8

more snorkeling!

Our Aruba Honeymoon photo 9

5 mile walk along the beach

Our Aruba Honeymoon photo 10

horseback riding in the ocean!!

Our Aruba Honeymoon photo 11

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front of our thank you cards:

Thank You photo 1

and the back, which i wrote on:

Thank You photo 2

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Simple and easy =)  big hit, too!

Seating Chart photo 1

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what a whirlwind!  it was freakin awesome!! i'm sooooooooo happy with the way everything turned out! its still so chaotic around here, so the recap might take awhile ;)  these are teasers from the reception slideshow my FABULOUS photogs (the linczaks!) put together, so they're all pixilated from me copying and pasting, but its something for you guys =)  and yes i know, i like black and white waaaay too much!   also a couple from fb. enjoy!!

sneak peak 3 photo 1sneak peak 3 photo 2

sneak peak 3 photo 3sneak peak 3 photo 4sneak peak 3 photo 5sneak peak 3 photo 6sneak peak 3 photo 7

sneak peak 3 photo 8

he teared up!! i couldn't believe it lolsneak peak 3 photo 9

sneak peak 3 photo 10

sneak peak 3 photo 11

sneak peak 3 photo 12

sooooooo happy!!

sneak peak 3 photo 13

sneak peak 3 photo 14

sneak peak 3 photo 15

my parents <3

sneak peak 3 photo 16

sneak peak 3 photo 17sneak peak 3 photo 18

sneak peak 3 photo 19

LOVE my bridal party photos!!!

sneak peak 3 photo 20

sneak peak 3 photo 21sneak peak 3 photo 22

freakin love this <3

sneak peak 3 photo 23

my absolutely gorgeous husband <3

sneak peak 3 photo 24

sneak peak 3 photo 25

sneak peak 3 photo 26

love this, such cool steps we found!

sneak peak 3 photo 27

sneak peak 3 photo 28

sneak peak 3 photo 29 <33333

sneak peak 3 photo 30

sneak peak 3 photo 31

sneak peak 3 photo 32

sneak peak 3 photo 33

sneak peak 3 photo 34

sneak peak 3 photo 35sneak peak 3 photo 36

sneak peak 3 photo 37

sneak peak 3 photo 38sneak peak 3 photo 39

sneak peak 3 photo 40sneak peak 3 photo 41

sneak peak 3 photo 42

sneak peak 3 photo 43

sneak peak 3 photo 44sneak peak 3 photo 45sneak peak 3 photo 46sneak peak 3 photo 47sneak peak 3 photo 48sneak peak 3 photo 49sneak peak 3 photo 50

sneak peak 3 photo 51


my DH's reaction to my bpic book!  he absolutely loved it ;)

sneak peak 3 photo 52 sneak peak 3 photo 53


sneak peak 3 photo 54

sneak peak 3 photo 55

sneak peak 3 photo 56 my daddy <3sneak peak 3 photo 57sneak peak 3 photo 58

sneak peak 3 photo 59

i so thought i was TOTALLY against cake smashing, but omg it was hilarious!!

sneak peak 3 photo 60sneak peak 3 photo 61sneak peak 3 photo 62sneak peak 3 photo 63<---lifesaving rolling rock!!


ok that's enough LOL  <3 you all, hope you like the pics and all your planning is going smoothly!  it is absolutely worth it in the end ;)


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my FREAKING AWESOME bach party in atlantic city. LOVE MY GIRLS <3  there's tons of pictures, so enjoy!!

getting ready for the approx 4-5 hour trip

Bachelorette Baby photo 1

mandy's car overheated on the way down!  we were only pulled over for 5 mins and 5 diff cars stopped to help, LOL   including DOT  our hero <3Bachelorette Baby photo 2

Bachelorette Baby photo 3

back on the road!

Bachelorette Baby photo 4Bachelorette Baby photo 5

opening my beautiful gift before heading out! i got some good stuff ;)

Bachelorette Baby photo 6Bachelorette Baby photo 7

my sash and checklist (which i did every last one! ;) )

Bachelorette Baby photo 8Bachelorette Baby photo 9

Bachelorette Baby photo 10

girls <3

Bachelorette Baby photo 11 Bachelorette Baby photo 12


Bachelorette Baby photo 13

dinner at hooters, the BEST place for a bach-ette!  i chugged a beer standing on top of the chair after the girls told the waitresses i was getting married.  the whole rest. cheered, and i chugged the WHOLE beer (first time ever!)

Bachelorette Baby photo 14Bachelorette Baby photo 15

the rooftop club!

Bachelorette Baby photo 16

it was a little windy... lol

Bachelorette Baby photo 17Bachelorette Baby photo 18

Bachelorette Baby photo 19

workin on that checklist!

Bachelorette Baby photo 20


and some random pics!

Bachelorette Baby photo 21

dancing with the other bach-ette that flashed me!Bachelorette Baby photo 22

gopher faces LOL  best MOH ever <33Bachelorette Baby photo 23Bachelorette Baby photo 24

Bachelorette Baby photo 25

dickhead hoopla!! such a funny game LOL

Bachelorette Baby photo 26

my only girlfriend from home <3 lifelong friends

Bachelorette Baby photo 27


ok i think that's enough pics, i have SOOO many LOL   AND I'M ON THE LIST! 5 days to go, can you believe it!  <3

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LOVE. IT.  i soooo didn't want the typical "cake stacked" card box or birdcage, so here's what I came up with =)

"Live Fully, Laugh uncontrollably, Love unconditionally"

DIY cardbox photo 1DIY cardbox photo 2DIY cardbox photo 3