Jun 12, 2010

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Thrown by the WONDERFUL ladies in my family, oh how i love them <333  the theme was pink, obvi :)

Bridal Shower 3 PINK photo 1Bridal Shower 3 PINK photo 2

Bridal Shower 3 PINK photo 3Bridal Shower 3 PINK photo 4

Bridal Shower 3 PINK photo 5Bridal Shower 3 PINK photo 6Bridal Shower 3 PINK photo 7

Bridal Shower 3 PINK photo 8


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The RD will be held at Appalachian Brewing Company, which i'm VERY excited about!!  We'll be having an array of seafood...imagine that ;)



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well, yesterday we finally got our marriage license!  here's to p dub tradition!

Licensed photo 1

we got back, and danny set up a "picnic" in our old apartment to celebrate (since our grill is still over there lol)  we had champagne, BANGING steak and asparagus on the grill, and smoores for dessert!  he's so, so sweet..

picnic setup!

Licensed photo 2

our MASSIVE steak and grilled asparagus =)

Licensed photo 3

we made mimosas!

Licensed photo 4

mmm its been so long since we've had smoores..

Licensed photo 5


one month to go <3

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thrown by my coworkers!! they're soooo sweet.  it was also an UTTER surprise, which is why my hair is so whack!  we just got off the motorcycle...LOL

Surprise Bridal Shower 2 photo 1

Surprise Bridal Shower 2 photo 2

Surprise Bridal Shower 2 photo 3

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well girls, i ended up ordering 2 diff bpic books. after reading several posts about i decided to order one from them. and i've gotta be honest, I was really disappointed with it!  It was TINY and some of my images were cropped strangely, even cutting out my head in some of the photos!

well, i knew I could get a better book, so thanks to laurasweets post about her guest book from mixbook, I decided to give them a go, and I LOVE IT!  the book is HUGE, cost only about $36 with a coupon, and the quality is out of this world.  Here are some photos:

blurb on left, mixbook on right, front cover:

mixbook vs blurb photo 1

blurb had some photo editing options, but mixbook had a ton more.  i only got about 16-18 photos from my photog to use, so this was important. inside cover or blurb book:  eh, its ok...

mixbook vs blurb photo 2

and of the mixbook:  

mixbook vs blurb photo 3  omg love it 

mixbook, the photos came out SO clear!!

mixbook vs blurb photo 4

examples of the cropping issues I had with blurb:

mixbook vs blurb photo 5 <---cut off entire upper left photo!  even some of my face!

mixbook vs blurb photo 6<-- my face is lost in the binding..not good

here's the mixbook photo, which not only cropped it exactly how I wanted, but also has an AWESOME "extend the picture across 2 pages" option.  i think its sooo much cooler:

mixbook vs blurb photo 7

mixbook also has awesome reflection effects, which I made my fave page of the whole book out of:

mixbook vs blurb photo 8 <-- it says "You've gotta breathe her, really taste her, til you can feel her in your blood..and when you can see your unborn children in her eyes, you know you really love a woman"  and I never woulda come up with it if it wasn't for the reflection function!! LOL

SO, for about the same money, I got a FLIPPING AWESOME book, and would not rec blurb.  Hope this helps you out ladies!! <3


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my incredible mother in law and the women of danny's family threw me an AMAZING surprise shower!  i've never felt so loved in my whole life!

the surprise!  there was a WALL of women going all the way up the steps and on the balcony when I walked in the door!  very overwhelming!!

surprise bridal shower photo 1 surprise bridal shower photo 2

danny, me and momma, who made the 2.5 hour trip! <3

surprise bridal shower photo 3

some details:

beautifully decorated

surprise bridal shower photo 4surprise bridal shower photo 5

tons of food and wine!

surprise bridal shower photo 6

present from my momma <3

surprise bridal shower photo 7

one stack of gifts!!  

surprise bridal shower photo 8

his and her stacks, so cute!

surprise bridal shower photo 9

jello shots with fave part!! ;)

surprise bridal shower photo 10

surprise bridal shower photo 11

cutting my MASSIVE cake, which I didn't get a picture of (but I know someone did!!)

surprise bridal shower photo 12


they did the coolest thing. two days before, they invterviewed danny and asked him a bunch of questions and recorded him!  so then they would ask me the same questions and play the tape back.  it was SUCH a good idea, everyone loved it and it made me cry so many times!!  everytime i got an answer wrong, i had to put a marshmallow in my mouth! it was hilarious:

tough to see, but I look like a chipmunk!

surprise bridal shower photo 13

it really makes you see who your real friends and the important ppl in ur life are.  my one bridesmaid flew in from illinois and had to leave the next morning  JUST to come to this!  now, i'm SUPER excited for the wedding!!!