Jun 12, 2010

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so these things have been HAUNTING me for months!  i was not looking forward to them at all.  but with the help of our very own abattyref (thanks alex!!)  they turned out to be much less of a headache than I thought =)  However, I do admit, I was going to add a very fancy belly band...but it just would cost more money, take more time, and honestly who cares?!  i just wanted them to be done.  SO, here they are =)

the production:

invites photo 1 invites photo 2

invites photo 3


invites photo 4invites photo 5

invitation quote: "Like the Father and the Son need the Holy Ghost, I need you..."

invites photo 6

Return Address Label:

invites photo 7

pocketfold sticker enclosure...thing...:

invites photo 8invites photo 9

the whole she-bang!!
invites photo 10invites photo 11

invites photo 12

invites photo 13


aaaaand there ya have it ;)  should be getting RSVP's in the mail any day!!

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I love shopping for summer dresses, so i'm taking full advantage of this honeymoon to aruba =)  Some dresses I've bought:

One-shoulder Fishtail Dress Honeymoon Attire photo 1Honeymoon Attire photo 2Honeymoon Attire photo 3looooove it ;)

i also bought this very beautiful flowy white skirt that will go oh so well with so many cute tops!

Low-Rise Long Flare Skirt

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for the guys:

We're getting them each a flask filled with their fave liquor and engraved :) Either gunmental or leather..

Gunmetal FlaskBlack Leather Flask


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something old

a piece of satin from my "ma's" (grandmother's) dress.  i miss her so, so much.  i'm so happy to have this to wrap my bouquet in!  each granddaughter received a piece from her dress!

something old photo 1

something new

well, everything pretty much!  not sure what will "get the title" yet :-P

something borrowed

hmm..still not sure

something blue

my momma is getting me a blue cocktail ring to wear as my something blue.  I love that my mom is getting it for me, then I'll pass it down to my daughter, then to my granddaughter, etc :)  i LOVE that

something old photo 2something old photo 3

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Done by Sarah Giovinetti!  I like the way it turned out, but there's some things I would change.  I think a little more blush, eyeliner under my eyes and less pinky lip stick (and not so "above" my lips, i think it looks drag queenish) lol but easily fixable things!

First Make Up Trial photo 1First Make Up Trial photo 2

First Make Up Trial photo 3


this is after i added some eyeliner underneath.  i like it better, and so does danny which is all that counts! haha

First Make Up Trial photo 4First Make Up Trial photo 5

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we like rock music and are def using a lot of it in our wedding :)  just keeping track of the must use songs:

in the air-nonpoint  or
down with the sickness-disturbed

garter "retrieval" lol
coming undone - korn

cake cutting
lollipop-framing hanley

first dance

mother son dance
  sunrise, sunset

father daughter dance
 angel- sarah mclachlan

must use songs
super massive blackhole - muse