Jun 12, 2010

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--- don't worry, if you're looking for all the dresses that didn't make the cut (previous bio entry "dress chronicles") they're still in my photos!  but since MY dress' construction is fully underway, I think she deserves her own spotlight ;) ---

milly bridal - I LOVE YOU

10/16 "Test Dress"

THE DRESS photo 1 THE DRESS photo 2 THE DRESS photo 3 THE DRESS photo 4 THE DRESS photo 5 

AAAHHHHH!!! i'm so excited it looks freakin awesome!  just a few minor changes, but i'm 100% confident in this dress! eeek!

and the REAL DEAL!

i love it sooooooooooo much!  it's a little bit big, but easy fix!  i'm so pumped, they did a GREAT job!  the quality

THE DRESS photo 6 THE DRESS photo 7 THE DRESS photo 8 i literally can't get the whole train in one picture by myself!!

UPDATE:  after my 2nd fitting!!  omg, i am so drop dead madly in love (does that even make sense?!?) with my dress! my aunt did an amazing job!  we decided to add some pleated peaking crinoline to the front to spice it up an edge it out a bit ;)  can't wait eeek!

THE DRESS photo 9THE DRESS photo 10THE DRESS photo 11THE DRESS photo 12

making fun of how much crinoline is under it!  i've been called a "crin-aholic"...but i lovee it

THE DRESS photo 13THE DRESS photo 14


triple french bustle with about 50 points!! LOL

THE DRESS photo 15THE DRESS photo 16


third fitting!!

THE DRESS photo 17THE DRESS photo 18

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im so SO happy!  i wanted sparklers so badly but thought for sure our venue wouldn't allow it...but they do!! woot!  anyone know the best place to buy 36"ers?!

Sparklers SPARKLERS photo 1SPARKLERS photo 2SPARKLERS photo 3

update!! 2.12  just purchased my sparklers from  i can't wait!!

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FINALLY!!  BM dresses are ordered!  I LOVE them!  They're so different, but classy!  I love the pattern, and it's still not TOO much to be distracting, ya know?  SO happy.  and I found them at Dillards!  So they'll be here in a week, none of that waiting for three months business :)

the guys and girls lookin good photo 1the guys and girls lookin good photo 2the guys and girls lookin good photo 3the guys and girls lookin good photo 4the colors are much brighter in person! i was happily surprised, because I was afraid it might look too fall...but they're seriously perfect! there's even some purple in them! and they're not actually that low, the one i ordered was just way too big for me!  i'm so happy :)

hair flower for the MOH:

Brick Red

DIY bm bouquets:

the guys and girls lookin good photo 5the guys and girls lookin good photo 6the guys and girls lookin good photo 7the guys and girls lookin good photo 8

moh bouquet:

the guys and girls lookin good photo 9

danny and the guys:

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thanks to HMM having awesome taste :) ours will be just like this, only merlot ties!!

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UPDATE:  We are in progress of making our numbers now!!  Here's a preview and the process-

DIY Table Numbers photo 1DIY Table Numbers photo 2finished product!

DIY Table Numbers photo 3DIY Table Numbers photo 4DIY Table Numbers photo 5     spray painting!

DIY Table Numbers photo 6every last crystal!!


Alrighty, here's my inspiration: DIY Table Numbers photo 7

I ordered these wooden numbers from crafty eddy for only $2 a digit (including shipping and no tax!!) sweet.DIY Table Numbers photo 8  They should get here early next week, then off to Michael's to get some rhinestones :)

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UPDATE!  just ordered the first one below in large magnets from vistaprint!  we decided to go with the first one since someone told me the second looked like we just got done "doin the dirty!"!  now that's all i think when i look at it ;)  but i still love it, maybe just not for our save the dates lol


some drafts!  still undecided

DIY STDs photo 1 DIY STDs photo 2

DIY STDs photo 3  ready to send em out!!

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Update 1/22  Got my veil!

bridal extras photo 1bridal extras photo 2bridal extras photo 3  i'm adding just a little more poof to it, but then we're set!


instead of buying a hair flower for forty bucks, i made one myself for five!  just bought the flower i wanted from michaels and glued an alligator clip on the back ;)

bridal extras photo 4 bridal extras photo 5  you can kinda see it here!


55555; -webkit-border-horizontal-spacing: 2px; -webkit-border-vertical-spacing: 2px;">Like pretty much everything with this wedding, I couldn't find exactly what I wanted when it came to my I customized my own!  With the help of peterene on etsy, it'll look like this :

Keepsake Garter:  Just like this:

HE HAD IT COMING garter STEAMPUNK prohibition COSTUME burlesque lighter

only with a MUCH larger center flower, like this:

ROYAL BLING in black GARTER  a PETERENE ORIGINAL  rhinestones and crystals and pearls

and without the fringe.  But I LOOOOOOVE the gun!  Danny is becoming a police officer so this was PERFECT.  i'm not too crazy about sports theme garters, but i really wanted something personalized for danny, so when i saw this i knew it was perfect, but with just a few tweaks =)  There will also be lots of black flowers behind the flower, to add some drama!


The toss bouquet will look just like the other, only with the fringe and not the flowers.  I'm PUMPED!  Peterene was so easy to work with and SUPER fast in responding!  I'm happy, and can't wait to receive it!!


Bachelorette Party Dress:

bridal extras photo 6 bridal extras photo 7 kinda hard to see, but there's pink ruffles all down the front =)  from bcbg

Shower Dress:

bridal extras photo 8   bridal extras photo 9  my fave <3 very pale pink, all ruffley goodness!!  from express