Jun 12, 2010

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UPDATE 9.23: our e pic teasers!!












E Pics photo 1E Pics photo 2E Pics photo 3E Pics photo 4E Pics photo 5E Pics photo 6E Pics photo 7E Pics photo 8E Pics photo 9E Pics photo 10E Pics photo 11E Pics photo 12E Pics photo 13E Pics photo 14E Pics photo 15E Pics photo 16E Pics photo 17E Pics photo 18E Pics photo 19E Pics photo 20E Pics photo 21E Pics photo 22E Pics photo 23E Pics photo 24E Pics photo 25E Pics photo 26E Pics photo 27E Pics photo 28E Pics photo 29E Pics photo 30E Pics photo 31E Pics photo 32E Pics photo 33E Pics photo 34E Pics photo 35

as everyone knows, THE most important!  i searched UP and freakin DOWN for the perfect photogs...and I found them!!   The Linczak's are a husband and wife team with unbelievable talent.  And they couldn't be any nicer!!


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i've very, very, very excited to get my make up pro-done on wedding day!  i love these looks so much

make me up photo 1 make me up photo 2 

hair up for the ceremony:

make me up photo 3make me up photo 4

down for the reception:

make me up photo 5

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On the Menu!

For beginners, we'll start with a Garden Salad with either Ranch or Heritage Hills' House Raspberry Vinaigrette, which is SO good.  It tastes like you're biting into fresh strawberries!  Also served with fresh rolls

good eatin photo 1good eatin photo 2

Then our guests will have a choice of Queen Cut Prime Rib:

good eatin photo 3

or my personal fave, Black Peppercorn Butter Salmon with Sweet Red Pepper Sauce...YUM!!  SO good.  Both served with sour cream mashed potatoes and lemon broccoli.  There's also a vegetarian pasta, which also sounds good!


UPDATE! we found a baker that will do a cheesecake and key lime pie for us!

below is the cake we're going with, only we're having the orchids be green and the ribbon at the base of each layer choc brown.  it will be sitting on top of a glass square filled with LED candles, then on top of brown linens :)

 good eatin photo 4good eatin photo 5 

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We have BOOKED our reception site! WOOO!  I love it.  It's in PA, Heritage Hills Golf Resort and Conference Center.  Click here to see the 360° view of the Terrace on the Green, where ours will be held =-D

Some pictures:

Reception Style photo 1 <--- view from the terrace

Reception Style photo 2

   Just trying to  get some of my thoughts together =)  Feel free to leave any advice/suggestions!


got my uplights!! woot woot!  thanks Kiah!!

Reception Style photo 3 just white light (obviously...)Reception Style photo 4 with amber inserts! 


Reception Style photo 5<-- for the head table: i'll still have varying heights of square votive holders.  not sure which color of candles yet, but i'll have rose petals STACKED the whole length of the table (i'm not talkin a few scattered, i'm talking layers!)  this is our mock up :)


exactly like this, but with black linens!  Thanks to ShellS for the inspiration =)

Reception Style photo 6 Reception Style photo 7 but without the star fish


Reception Style photo 8Reception Style photo 9<--for the low tables:  just like this!  only the vases are square and some candles will be floating (pic on right from miss_em!).  there will be LAYERS of white petals (not just a couple here and there) on alternating low tables. Our tables are round, and i we'll have around 15 candles per low table.

our mock ups of our low cps:

Reception Style photo 10Reception Style photo 11


Reception Style photo 12 these table numbers at each table!


Reception Style photo 13

Our guest book/escort table will have a miniature version of the high centerpieces.  It will also have river rocks and thick layers of petals.  Instead of traditional escort cards, we'll blow up a picture of one of our engagement pictures into a poster like the picture above, with everyone's name and table number listed!



and for a quick refreshment:

Reception Style photo 14



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Hi girls!  I know I personally love to put faces to names!  So here's some pictures of us so we can get to know each other a lil better...besides we're all planning our weddings together!!


The happy couple photo 1The happy couple photo 2The happy couple photo 3The happy couple photo 4The happy couple photo 5The happy couple photo 6The happy couple photo 7The happy couple photo 8The happy couple photo 9The happy couple photo 10The happy couple photo 11 Steelers!! (he's a hardcore dallas fan, but will do anything for me ;) ) haha!


we also just adopted two little girl kittens!  they have completely stolen my heart (and have danny wrapped around their fingers paws!)


This is Luna Belle Shuman

The happy couple photo 12The happy couple photo 13The happy couple photo 14


This is Storme Shuman (Storme Girl)

The happy couple photo 15The happy couple photo 16The happy couple photo 17


and they really love each other too :)

The happy couple photo 18  yah...actually sleepin like that LOL


that's all for now! 

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