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Jun 12, 2010

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Backwoods Florist
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
I heard nothing but RAVE reviews about Marian from Backwoods florist! And I agree, she is the absolute kindest woman in the world! Extremely flexible and very willing to help. But as much as I hate to admit, I was disappointed in the florals for my wedding. I didn't have a ton of florals at my wedding at all, in fact all I needed from her were a TON of flower petals (I asked for at least a 3" thick covering on ALL tables as specified) my bouquet and my husbands bout, then some topiary plants for high centerpieces (which were only half of my centerpieces).
I stressed the flower petal issue at least four times (both verbally and in writing). I even discussed buying a couple thousand extra fake petals just to be sure there were enough, and she assured me there would be plenty. Well, there were not NEARLY enough. In fact, in some places they were just "scattered" (not the 3" thick layer I had stated several times. and i even mentioned a couple times that i HATE the scattered look of rose petals, it needed to be lush and full) Also, we discussed having a TOTALLY white very, very large bouquet. Well, I was ASTOUNDED at the size of my bouquet, I thought it would be at least twice as big. And there were tiny green flower buds all throughout it. I specifically stated NO GREEN at all =(

The high centerpieces were great, and my husbands bout was okay (but it was destroyed only seconds after the ceremony). As much as I would like to recommend Marian, I'm only going to give about a 3/5. Again, she's the sweetest person in the world, but I made it VERY, VERY clear what I wanted and felt she came up short =(
Services used: Flowers

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Creative Catering by Trish Giordano
( 2.0 / 5.0 )
I am disappointed in the quality of work at Giordanno's Pastries. First of all, the design of my cake was wrong. When I told them about it, she insisted that I had changed the design and it was all down on paper. That is absolutely false, in that I've had the same design since day one, and I only met with them in person ONE time, which is the time I gave them the exact design I wanted. I traveled very far and very wide to find the baker that said they could do this cake. The cake they delivered was generic, any baker could have done it.

Besides the design being incorrect, and then them trying to blame that on me, less than an hour into the reception the cake started to bulge. It looked like someone was blowing a balloon up underneath the icing! It got so bad, that my DOC had to remove all of the flowers from the cake, spin it and put them back on. It looked a little ridiculous. I would not recommend Giordanno's Pastries.
Services used: Catering

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Headrush Hair Designs & Spa
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I could not say enough about Bev and Headrush Hair Design. I was a very relaxed bride, but my hair was the ONE thing I was absolutely freaking out about. I had 2 hair trials done that were DISASTERS. So bad, that I was convinced I would to my hair by myself. But after I cooled off, I realized I needed to find someone that actually LISTENED to what I wanted and did what I asked. I called Headrush on a whim just a few short weeks before my wedding, and Bev was my SAVIOR! She had an entire bridal party scheduled for the morning of my wedding, but after I told her the hell I've been through, she offered to open an hour an a half early specifically to do my hair!

As soon as I walked in I felt sooo relieved. She actually LISTENED to what I said and did exactly as I asked. She never got frustrated with me, and when I told her I was a little on the picky side...okay a lot (especially because of how the last 2 trials turned out) she was totally understanding and always a pleasure.

And not only did she do an AWESOME job, she did it in less than 45 minutes! I have extremely thick and long hair, I was shocked at how quickly she did it! She is absolutely one of the best vendors on the day of my wedding, and I'm literally thanking God that I found her! You will not be disappointed, you will not have to stress. Go with Headrush Hair Design and make your life a little easier!!
Services used: Beauty & Health

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Linczak Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I could never, ever speak highly enough of the Linczaks. Words literally can't express the amount of talent between these 2! I had very, very high standards for photography. In fact, I researched HUNDREDS of photographers, and my search led me out of state to the Linczaks from Ohio (I'm a PA bride). They were one of the first vendors I booked, and I'm totally ecstatic with them! Every image is a work of art, and they COULD NOT be more friendly! I only wish they lived closer, because I could see them becoming family friends. They are professional, fun to be around, amazing at directing, and the quality of work is unmatched. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend Ted and Rachel to anyone! If I could give them 10 out of 5, I would! Go with the Linczaks, I promise that you won't be disappointed, but blown away!
Services used: Photography

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( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My Dj was Ronnie, and he was great! We met up a couple times with both Mike and Ronnie, and they are both very nice guys. They had a ton of ideas and seemed to really know what they're talking about! We discussed a few things that never actually happened at the wedding (like the "kissing game") but that's all right. The reception was a whirlwind anyways! But he always kept the dance floor full and played everything we requested. What more could you want =)
Services used: DJ

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Sarah Giovinetti's
( 4.6 / 5.0 )
Sarah Giovinetti is truly a master at her craft. Just look at her photos, she is a miracle worker! I am so glad I found Sarah to do my makeup, and I would highly recommend her. We had a few scheduling mishaps, but nothing that wasn't easily fixed. Besides being good at what she does, she's a pleasure to just be around. I'm so, so, so happy with the way my makeup looked for my wedding day, and would highly recommend her to any bride looking for a true professional make up artist! Thank you so much, Sarah!!
Services used: Beauty & Health

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House of Clarendon
( 2.0 / 5.0 )
It may be true that Martine is a master of his craft, but he came off as quite snobbish (in fact he refers to himself a the "cake snob"). He was polite enough, but knew how good he was and kind of flaunted it in your face. I knew exactly what cake I wanted as far as appearance goes, and he said whoever made it made a "mistake" making it, even though that was the way I wanted it. He said it would be very difficult to replicate it and gave me an estimate of just under $1000. After visiting with other bakers, they all said it would be a little more intricate and difficult to replicate, but absolutely doable to any experienced I can't understand why he reacted this way. Also, after tasting his cake I wasn't impressed with them to the point of paying (literally) a thousand dollars. The cakes that he has done seem beautiful and he really knows his craft, but I chose not to go with Martine personally, and wouldn't recommend him.
Services used: Wedding Cake

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Milly Bridal Design Studio
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I'm 100% satisfied with my experience with Milly Bridal. From the beginning, they were so quick to respond and to work WITH me. Sometimes the communication can be a LITTLE tricky, but if you are as clear and precise as possible, you will have no problem! You can even chat with them on their website! I custom designed my own dress. My dress is covered in lace and crystals and it came out beautifully! Having your dress custom made overseas is tough. You HAVE to be patient and understanding and positive that it's what you want. Otherwise it's not for you. But if you're willing to take the risk the rewards are amazing! They send you pictures of each step and you have to approve it before they continue on, so you always know what you're getting and how your dress is coming along. I got my DREAM dress for a fraction of the price. I could not be happier and will recommend Milly Bridal to all my loved ones in the future!
Services used: Unique Services