Dec 31, 2009

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I'm starting to work on the invitations now. :) There will be a seperate invitation for those that are just invited to the reception/party. I'm still working on it now so this is just a first rough draft. Also this isn't really DIY. It's kind of semi-DIY. I'm just designing it and having it printed somewhere else.

My DIY photo 1

My DIY photo 2

I decided on black and blue since the reception them is royal blue, silver, and ivory. The stars at the top are going to be alot better. As you might notice, with the smaller ones they look a little more 3D. That was an accident that I ended up liking so I'm going to work on that some more.

The white text will actually be a silver hologram like color. The blue text on the bottom will be a metallic royal blue. Besides that the colors/effects will pretty much be the same for now. The paper will be glossy.

There would be a RSVP card included as well.


Ceremony invites:

I found this a little while back on etsy(it'll be cheaper and more fun to make them myself) and fell in love with it. I can't wait to make these! :-)

My DIY photo 3

Not sure if you can read it well but on the response card you either check "on board" or "cast away", cute!

They won't be exactly the same as this. I'm not sure about the green yet although it does look good. Also the grommets/eyelets or whatever they're called are going to be gold instead of silver. I'll be sending them in white envelopes.

Afternoon reception centerpiece:

I already have the ivory and navy blue ribbons for these. Just have to get the vases. The flowers will be white carnations.

My DIY photo 4


Cocktail Menu-

This is just a first draft. I didn't feel like putting in the drink descriptions at the time. :-p

My DIY photo 5

I got my inspiration from this picture:

My DIY photo 6

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Ceremony Dress-

Bridesmaids have chosen this dress.

Wedding Party photo 1Wedding Party photo 2

The MOH will be wearing this one. Pretty much the same but with a touch of white.

Wedding Party photo 3Wedding Party photo 4

Late Reception Dress

BG Haute:

Wedding Party photo 5

Betsey Johnson:

Wedding Party photo 6Wedding Party photo 7




Wedding Party photo 8


Jewelry they will wear for the ceremony:

Wedding Party photo 9Wedding Party photo 10

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The Dress


I finally picked out my dress! She's(I'm thinking about naming it lol) gorgeous. :)

Priscilla of Boston-

Can't save pic so here is the link:


Vineyard Collection, Style Kyle


Late Reception Dress

For the reception we will be wearing black and/or white/ivory.

Bride photo 1Jim Hjelm:

I will wear this in Ivory.

Bride photo 2

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We will be spending 10 days in Antigua(one of those in sister island, Barbuda).


Honeymoon photo 1

Honeymoon photo 2

Honeymoon photo 3


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Colors- Royal blue, white, and silver.

Type- Cocktail reception


We will be having three different centerpieces I believe. One for the regular tables, cocktail tables, and side tables.

*For the few regular tables that we will have a tall centerpiece. One that has feathers such as these:

Reception photo 1

Reception photo 2Reception photo 3

A tall silver trumpet vase will be used. I'm thinking about applying some rhinestones to it as well.

Reception photo 4

I know that is a pimp cup lol but it gives an idea of what silver and rhinestone looks like together.


*For the cocktail tables we will have something similar to this little calla lily arrangement:

Reception photo 5

I love how it spirals around and it is the perfect size. I'm not too sure what those feather looking things are but those won't be included.

*Side tables(in lounge area)

We will have a hanging ornament display above the table similar to the one below with various colors/shapes/sizes of blue and silver ornaments.

Reception photo 6



We plan to use alot of blue uplighting and such in the tent.

Reception photo 7

There is also a pool on the property. We are going have a monogram spotlight on it.

Reception photo 8



We will have circus/extreme acts at the reception. Images below are not of the actual performers.

Reception photo 9



The LNR is going to be more of a cocktail party w/ stations.

hors d'oeuvres:

coconut & beer battered shrimp
oven roasted quesadilla rolls
baby lamb chops
fruit w/ lime yogurt dipping sauce
caesar salad roll


Sushi station
Hot fudge sundae station