Oct 10, 2010

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Hooray!! Our day finally arrived & it was wonderful!! 

Morning of/getting ready: I stayed the night at my moms house who lived closest (about 15 mins) to venue. Moms house was bridal central haha. The beauty entourage arrived at scheduled time & so began the process. I wasn't very hungry at that point so I didn't eat (not good i know) During the moment when I am ready to get in to my beautiful gown my nephew (RB) begins to yell "I quit! I don't want to be the ring barrier" LoL, yes 'barrier'. While it may have sounded cute the first time it turned in to an all out screaming tantrum as my sister was getting him dressed in his tux, that happened to be right outside of the room that I was getting dressed in. So after my gown is on photog & videog are catching the 'moments' of my mom and daughter helping me with my jewelery my (still screaming nephew) is walking in and out of the room, I had a slight headache before this and was beginning to feel anxious & stressed out. I finally blurted out "someone get him out of here!" LoL I guess that would have been my bridezilla moment, I mean I love my nephew to pieces & I hope I didn't hurt my sisters feelings by saying that but he really did need to be removed. After jewelery was on & i was ready my MOH (sis) gave me a bag & said it was from FI. OMG, we had agreed to not to gifts because we were kinda pinched on budget already. Sneaky FI...haha. He got me a charm bracelet with a heart on it, it was engraved on one side our date '10.10.10' & on the other side it said "you're my person" that has kind of been our phrase to one another. It made me cry & I couldn't wait to see him! I took a few pictures while we waited for the limo to arrive, I began to feel a little nauceous...one of my BM's brought me some cheerios to eat (what a sweetheart). We get word that the limo has arrived & this is when I had some type of minor anxiety/panic attack (I have never really had one before so I don't even know if that is what it was) I felt clausterphobic and like i just needed a moment to be alone and fresh air and/or water. Two of my BM's (bless their hearts) cleared everyone out (there were about 20 ppl there) and fanned me and got me some water. After a few minutes I felt a little better & ready to get into limo to head to venue.

We arrived at venue & I was SO happy with the way everything was set up! & there were snacks and refreshments waiting in the bridal suite area. HIRE a DOC & if you're in NorCal hire Jaryce Nobela! I took some photos with BM's and GM's and then it was time to line up! By this time I was feeling 100x's better & I was just so excited to see & marry my best friend! My mom walked me down the aisle and she was crying (ahh my mama) I saw FI & just smiled, while trying to remind myself not to cry. I stayed focused on him until we finally reached him. We partially wrote our own vows & to my astonishment FI got choked up right before he was supposed to say our phrase "you're my person". Of course that made me cry! I had placed a tissue in my dress (between boobs) in case I would need it & i did. so when I pulled it out FI & some GM's saw, FI gave a 'wtf' kind of look & we began to laugh...

...& finally we were announced HUSBAND AND WIFE!!

We were taken immediately after ceremony to bridal room to spend 5 minutes alone. This was at the suggestion of our photographer AWESOME idea!! I loved those few minutes we had to spend alone. It was all real & I was so happy!

Photos were taken & then it was time to line up for grand entrace to reception. During this time I was sitting down giving my feet a rest when someone points out a tarantula (YES a real life HUGE hairy black TARANTULA!!) OMG I jumped up out of the chair i was in, it was too close for comfort! One of the GM's scooped it up with a plastic cup & thought it would be funny to wave it around to all the BM's & myself...NOT COOL! Anyway he took it to a grassy area away from us and let it go. Everything after that was fantastic, during dinner we walked around to guest tables to greet everyone and have photos taken with each table, DH & I both really enjoyed doing that. We had a bit to eat also, the food was great! music was good, photobooth was an absolute HIT! I heard the desserts at the dessert buffet were delicious, I only got a chance to taste a piece of chocolate dipped pinneapple that was superb! There were minor hitches...bustle wouldn't bustle or my mom forgot what bridal shop told her haha. but DOC Jaryce was on hand to assist & did a great job! I forgot my strapless bra for when I changed in to reception dress...but it had light cups in it so it was ok. Biggest 'boo!' was that I had forgotten pashmina scarves that I had purchased for BM's to use that night. All in all I LOVED our wedding, I felt SO much love that day from everyone! I can't wait to see our pro pics and video!!

a few friend/family non pros:

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Hooray I just booked photo booth for our wedding! Luckily there was one still available!! A friend from high school runs the business and I have had some opportunities to try it out, once at our HS reunion and again at a bridal show, Its sure to be a hit at our wedding, I am SO excited!!!

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Our honeymoon was booked today and I am SO excited!! Is it weird that this is probably the thing that I am most excited about for our wedding? haha. I really cannot wait. We are going to Oahu for 6 night stay at the Hilton Grand Vacation Resort. Heres a pic of the hotel:

Honeymoon photo 1

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