Jul 08, 2006

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One day while I was at my parents' home in NJ for the holidays, my little sister asked me to chaperone her to the city. She said that her boyfriend had a surprise for her there and didn't want Mom and Dad to know about it. My sister was 17 at the time and my parents wouldn't have let her go about the city on her own. So I agreed to chaperone. Her boyfriend led us through the subway maze until we reached The Empire State Building. How lame, I thought to myself, kids are just not very creative these days. I took one look at the line and said, I'm out of here. You two can wait in that line, but I'm going to go across the street and shop at Banana Republic, let me know when you're done. So I shopped and I talked on the cell phone with my FH, who claimed to be shopping in Michigan (he had spent the holidays at his parents' home there). Then my sister called and said I had to come with them because her boyfriend had already bought a ticket for me. So fine, I went and grumbled the entire time, because the wait was two hours. Finally when I got to the top, I saw my FH with a single rose in his hand. I was completely shocked and it took me awhile to realize what just happened. Before I knew it, I was engaged.