Nov 13, 2010

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Finally! I have been searching for an affordable chocolate taffeta junior bridesmaid dress in a size 14, no luck! Tonight I finally found an affordable dress for FI's daughter, but it's in satin.  It's still pretty, just hate that it's not in taffeta as every other member of the bridal party is.

Junior Bridesmaid photo 1Junior Bridesmaid photo 2Junior Bridesmaid photo 3Junior Bridesmaid photo 4Junior Bridesmaid photo 5Junior Bridesmaid photo 6

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My Inspirations!

Fall Wedding BouquetsMy Bouquet photo 1

My Bouquet!  Just has to be wrapped!

My Bouquet photo 2The lady that does the arrangements for Micheal's craft store here will be doing all my bouquets, centerpieces, and other decor.  This is the bouquet that she created for me!  Isn't she lovely?!

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This is my beautiful tiara!

I m a Princess photo 1

I m a Princess photo 2I m a Princess photo 3


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I am so proud of myself!  I only wished I had tried some of these projects before we paid a professional to create 24 centerpieces!!!!! I purchased the glass bowls and gems from the craft store and the floating candles from Tuesday Morning!

More DIYS photo 1More DIYS photo 2

And my Aunt Vivian will print the programs, this is our first creation...

More DIYS photo 3More DIYS photo 4

 My "WE DO" letters!  Letters and paint from Hobby Lobby!

More DIYS photo 5More DIYS photo 6

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And a sneak peek of the bottom of my gown!  Excuse the pics, I took them from the catalog!

A SNEAK PEEK photo 1

 And the top....

A SNEAK PEEK photo 2

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This picture doesn't do it any justice, but is is gorgeous!

My Veil photo 1