Aug 21, 2009

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So I loved the idea of the cake table set-up using the large square upside down votive holders.  I just need to get the plexiglass from Home Depot.  Here's the mock-up:
Cake Table Set Up photo 1Cake Table Set Up photo 2

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So after looking at books, and books, and books of invites, we knew that we wouldn't find anything that matched our baseball theme, so we decided to DIY them ourselves.  We choose to put the S for FI's last name on the background and cut out 100 of them by hand with a x-acto knife.  (I don't recommend ever doing this) But I'm more than please with how they turned out.

DIY Invites photo 1


50 Orange Card Stock 12x12 @ 6/$0.96 =  $8.00 (for orange S cut out and belly band)
70 Blue Card Stock 8.5x11 @ 6/$0.96 = $11.20 (back ground & back of ceremony cards)
Monogram & RSVP card design (also included are pics sharing cards not shown) = $35.00 curtsey of smooreswifey's DH
RVSP Print $14.72 with rush shipping
Vellum Sheets = $6.99/100
Plain White Envelopes = 2 - 50 pks @ 6.99 ea. = 13.98
All other supplies on hand
Total = 89.89 for .89 cents each before postage

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So I had made a post about how I had fallen out of love with my wedding dress.  It was more beachy if you ask me, and now that we are getting married in FIL's garden.  It just didn't fit in my brain.  So Miss D1rtyMartini was kind enough to offer me her Maggie!!!  The dress is just a little big in the boobs, but FGMIL said that she can take it in for me, and the only other difference between this dress and the one pictures, is M's has a white sash:

The LOOK photo 1

I'm thinking New Navy heels and a Mantilla Veil.....what do you think?

Pics of me in it - we only got 2 - had to kick FI and FFIL out into the rain to get them - there's no shapewear on underneath, no hair done, and the sash is loose, so I don't look as good as the model.  =) 
The LOOK photo 2The LOOK photo 3

YAY!  The garter came today!  I got it from Sew Unique Garters and it's absolutely perfect! 

The LOOK photo 4

The earrings that I'm going to be wearing are my splurge.  I've never bought myself a "real" piece of jewelry my whole life.  And with all the DIY and penny pinching that I've done for the wedding, I thought I deserved a little something, something, kwim?  So I fell in love with these at Kohl's, at the price tag of $150.00, except they were on sale!!!  YAY!  I paid $59.99 for them:

The LOOK photo 5<---this is the necklace from the set (I didn't get it) but the earrings look exactly like this without the chain.  I"m SOOOO happy with them

My sister wanted to get matching bracelets for us to wear, The LOOK photo 6
so we picked these out at For Love 21
(Forever 21's accessories store):








They were $9.80 each.

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Ceremony: FIL's House

Officant: Dad

Reception Venue: River House Banquet Center - Mt. Clemens, Mi

Engagement Photos: Kim Williams - The Village Paparazzi - Rochester, Mi

Boudoir Pics - Kim Williams - The Boudoir Loft - Rochester, MI

The Vendors photo 1

Wedding Photography - Corey Nash

DJ - Don & Sheila Stark - JS Entertainment - Rochester, MI

Cake - Judy @ The Cake Lady - New Baltimore, MI

Transportation - VIP/Satisfaction Limo  - Lenox MI

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UPDATE:  (6/15/2009) - So with my dad back in the hospital, FI and I made the executive decision that we are cancelling our DW.  =(  We don't want my dad in the middle of the National Forest getting sick, it's just not worth risking.  So the WONDERFUL FIL's volunteered their backyard (FULL of flowers) for our ceremony that we now take place 8/21.  More deets to follow as established. 

All dear FI and I wanted from before we were even engaged was for my dad to preform our ceremony.  My Poppa is a retired United Methodist minister.  Unfortunately he's gotten really sick lately.  He was diagnosed with diabetes after years of going without treatment.  The diabetes have caused a condition called gastroparesis, and basically when he over works himself or gets really stressed out, his stomach muscles stop contracting and he stops digesting food, which makes him drastically ill, and he needs to go to the hospital every time this happens. 

Dad called me on Monday, saying that he was really worried that after making the trip to the DW (an 8 hr drive for him) in case he got sick, he wouldn't be able to do the ceremony and he was really worried about ruining our special day.  =(  It was really hard for him to tell me this, and he was in tears on the phone.  This really broke my heart, since he really wants to do the ceremony for us, but he's petrified that he'll not be able to do it.   But he's still set on going up north. 

SOLUTION:  FI's mom and step-dad have a BEAUTIFUL backyard, and they've spent years on their gardens.  After talking to dad on Monday, we went to go have a sit down with them to tell them the status of the situation.  And we asked if the weekend before the wedding if we could have a small, just immediate family, ceremony in their backyard on July 25th.  That way dad could legally wed us, and if he felt up to it, he can do preform the ceremony up north for the DW, and if not, FI's step-dad will do the ceremony since we will already be legally married.  YIPPEE!! a solution that leaves dad not stressed, and FIL's are extremely honored that we asked them to host this for us.  YAY!!!



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Well, just like every other Bride out there, we are trying to save every penny we can, and in turn there are a TON of DIY's on our list:

  • Create ceremony  
    • Get proofed by dad
  • Aisle Runner
  • Fabric bags for Aisle décor
  • Programs - designed, just need to be printed.
  • Bubble Tags
  • Luminaries
  • Reception centerpieces
  • Floating flower/baseball w floralytes - Have flowers, baseballs, and floralytes - need vases and gems for bottoms
  • Wheatgrass baseballs
  • Bout
  • Corsages for mom’s
  • Reception Table Numbers
  • Escort  Cards - designed, just waiting on RSVP's
  • Dyed Rose Petals - pic soon
  • Invitations for AHR
  •  Thank you cards for moms
  • Champange flutes