Aug 21, 2009

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This is Nic-ko (nee-ko) she's our little fur babe!  We love her to pieces, even though she has doggy ADD.  We rescued her from the pound when she was just over 6 months.  This first pic is the day we brought her home.  They told us that she is Shepard/Hound mix, but we see a bunch of different doggie persona's in her, so now when asked, I just tell people she's my Heinz 57. =)

Our Furbaby photo 1

This next pic is taken the day after my birthday.  We've had her playing with the Frisbee for about a month now, but on this day, she learned that she can jump and become an air dog.  She'll only catch the ones that I throw in the air, leaping like 4 feet in the air.  But I just tell her Daddy, it's because she loves me more.  Look at how proud she is she just learned something new!!!

Our Furbaby photo 2

New Pic 07/05/2009:
Our Furbaby photo 3

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There were a TON of sand ceremony sets that I fell in love with, but I coudn't order more of the smaller containers.  And we want our parents involved to symbolize the blending of families so I needed 5 smaller containters to even begin with. (Me, FI, my dad and SM, FMIL & FSFIL, and FFIL & FSMIL)

Easy Peasey Sand Ceremony Containers photo 1

Easy Peasey Sand Ceremony Containers photo 2


So, I saw these wine decanters at The Christmas Tree Shop.  Total cost for the glassware, $22.00 (including tax) and 3 spools of 3 different kind of ribbon (white with heart cut outs, orange and blue).  (9 @ 1.99 ea - 40% off (ea) coupon at Joann's. = $10.75) Plus the buttons (3 @ 0.99 - 40% off (ea) = $1.77) I already had the cardstock name tags fleft over from another project.   Grand total = $34.52

This DIY was super easy.....wash containers, Tie on Blue Ribbon, Tie on orange/white ribbon, attach nametags, sew on baseball button to the knots of the bows.  DIY finished!  =)

Having another DIY done....priceless!!!

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So for the BBQ after the DW ceremony, I wanted a CUTE pair of flip-flops.  I wasn't really falling in love with anything til I saw this pair at Kohl's:

SEMI DIY Shoes photo 1


But they needed a little bit of somethin' somethin', so I took some craft glue, and some beads that I had at home and a pair of tweezers, and this is the final result:

SEMI DIY Shoes photo 2

But I thought that they needed a little bit more, so
I added some silver beads, to the real final result.

SEMI DIY Shoes photo 3

Since I already had the beads and the craft glue, I can't put a total cost on it, but I'm guessing around $10.00 since the flip flops were $6.99 plus tax.  Can't beat it! 

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I wanted something a little special for the readers in our ceremony to read from instead of just a piece of paper, so I took the "S" 's that we cut out from our invites and glued them to some left over cardstock from the invites, then went to town with the metallic silver marker. 

DIY Reader Vow Cards photo 1

Then for our vows, I did the same thing, but used the letters "I DO" in the same font as the "S" These I went a little crazy with the marker, and I'm not head over heels in love with them....we'll see if they make it to August.  =)


DIY Reader Vow Cards photo 2


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UPDATE (07/02/2009):  So I'm no longer going to need this dress, so she's up for sale.  I'd like to get my cost out of it, but all offers are considered.  As of right now, I don't have the veil.  I had loaned it to another bride and am not sure of the condition, since I don't have it back yet.  Dress was a store sample - size 18.  NWT.

So, here's the company stock photo of the dress:  My Dress FOR SALE photo 1

I fell in love with it right away, it was at the third salon that I went to and it was exactly as I was describing for the assistant.  No train, not too much anything, just simple, has to have straps for a beach wedding.  She told me to hold on a minute, and she whips out this beauty!  I didn't even try on any of the dresses there that I picked out after I put this one on.  =)  It was LOVE!  I bought it off the rack with a beaded veil (see below) out the door for $259 with tax.  Not a bad deal for a dress I adore! 








My Dress FOR SALE photo 2My Dress FOR SALE photo 3So here it is hanging in FMIL's spare room, with the veil hanging off to the left of it.  It's not quite white, and its not quite ivory, kinda a light cream.  I need to get the halter straps taken up a bit and soon!!!








 My Dress FOR SALE photo 4


 So you can see the beading on the bodice.  Just a little bit of sparkle.  Not too much.  Perfect!  As soon as I get it altered, I'll get some pics with me in it.  =)






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So on half our tables, we're doing something like this......

Centerpiece Idea s Mock up s Soon photo 1

But we are looking for some sort of cool container, and the baseball won't be in a box.....with out yellow flowers.  =)

The other half will be in a vase like this:

Centerpiece Idea s Mock up s Soon photo 2> With   Centerpiece Idea s Mock up s Soon photo 3One bud each, floating

And Centerpiece Idea s Mock up s Soon photo 4 on the Bottom with either orange Floralytes or glow sticks underneath and a

Centerpiece Idea s Mock up s Soon photo 5  Sitting on top of rocks......We just have to figure out how to get the baseballs to sink.  =)


UPDATE: (04/22/09): YAY!!!  My Daddy ROCKS!!!  He bought me my floralytes for my birthday present!!!  Should be here in the next couple of days, and we think that if we drill into the baseballs, and put some lead fishing sinkers in the balls, that they will stay sunk.  Maybe we can try that out this weekend.  =)  So Happy!!!