Aug 21, 2009

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Here's the "stock" photo's from our reception hall, this is where the Pig and frozen margarita's will be:

The Hall for the Reception photo 1  The Hall for the Reception photo 2

The Hall for the Reception photo 3The Hall for the Reception photo 4

I LOVE that its on the river, and the tiki hut!!! 


So we went for a tasting last night, and we decided on these for our chair covers and flowers.   I JUST ADORE LILLIES!

The Hall for the Reception photo 5

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                                                   These are just a few, but I love all of mine!


E Pics photo 1E Pics photo 2E Pics photo 3E Pics photo 4E Pics photo 5E Pics photo 6E Pics photo 7

E Pics photo 8E Pics photo 9E Pics photo 10

E Pics photo 11

All by Kim Williams of The Village Paparazzi


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So at first, I was all like, I don't need a monogram for anything.  I have no place to use it.  Blah, blah, blah.  Then the more I thought about it, the more I saw them, the more "monogram envy" I got.  So, I'm gonna make a aisle runner, (I know!  Another DIY!) for the ceremony up north, then as long as it makes it in decent condition, I'm going to cut off the area that has the monogram on it, and use that as my guest book at the reception. 

My Monogram photo 1

I had remembered that *smooreswifey* saying that her FI could make monograms, invites, and all the rest, so I contacted her to have this made.  I'm totally RAVING about it by the way.  It's exactly what I wanted, and perfectly priced too for a budget bride like myself!  Turn around time was pretty darn quick too, with their wedding coming down the pipe!  I can't say enough!


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While I know that its not all bling-y.  I'm flattered that it's mine

My Ring photo 1

My ring used to be FMIL's from her first marriage (to FI's dad).  It's not what I've been dreaming of, but FI says for our 1st anniversary I can have it re-made.  It's gold and I don't have ANY gold jewelry.  I'm a White gold/silver kinda girl.  In the meantime, I'm proud to be wearing it.


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So for the Ceremony up north, I'm just going to DIY up a pair of flip flops, the plan is to be barefoot for the ceremony, but I want something to wear for the BBQ.  But I LOVE these shoes....

Reception Shoes

From Forever 21.  They are the perfect colors!  With all the problems that I've been having finding Orange things, these are great!  Now just have to wait for the tax return to buy them!!!

UPDATE:  The shoes are on order!!!  Should be here in 5-10.  I can't wait.  I think that I'm going to bling them out or put a little ribbon rose on the bottom of the T strap.  Oh, and with shipping - only 16.00 "WOOT-WOOT" for a good deal!

UPDATE: (04/27/2009) The shoes are here!!!  The blue is a bit lighter in person, but I'll take them!!!  YAY!!  I"ll get a pic of them as soon as I get a pedi!! 

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After being quoted WAY too much for our orginal dream cake, we found this bad boy....


Our Cake Inspiration Part 2 photo 1

With our Baseball Theme sneaking in (more on that later) we fell in love.  I mean does it get anymore perfect than this?!?  We're Probably going to do a cake topper something like:

Our Cake Inspiration Part 2 photo 2I'll Have to paint some hair, mines a bit darker, and his a bit lighter, but how great!!!








 UPDATE!!!! (04/06/09): So we met with yet another cake vendor this weekend, and I'm 99.9999999% sure that we are going to go with her!  YAY!!!  I'm so excited to have finally found someone!  It's going to be 4 layers, the bottom, 1/2 orange dream (tastes like a creamsicle) 1/2 french vanilla (dyed blue) with a whipped cream filling - this layer when cut will be blue and orange checkerboard.  HOW COOL! The next layer up - Chocolate with chocolate creme filling.  Up another layer - Marble with Bavarian Creme (this was FI's pick) and then the top layer - Funfetti with Funfetti filling (My pick!)  YAY!!!  Plus she's doing a "take home" layer for free that will be marble with the Bavarian creme again.  I'm SOOOOOO excited about this, and totally relieved too!