Jun 21, 2008

Lavender Hill
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Finding the perfect floral designer was extremely important to me. After weeks of researching and days of calling and interviewing, I finally found what I was looking for. Dawn from Lavendar Hill! What's unique about Dawn is that she possesses so many qualities that I didn't see throughout my search for a floral designer. From day one, Dawn proved to be accommodating, attentive, creative, helpful, patient, responsive, and best of all, talented. To showcase the floral mockups, Dawn actually drove to my venue, after hours, and stayed by my side until I was 100% satisfied with the arrangements. I knew I would have nothing to worry about the day of the wedding because of her professionalism and proving to be reliable. The flowers the day of the wedding turned out to be more stunning than what I imagined. They looked even better then the mockups which was a wonderful surprise. I especially loved my bouquet so much that I was sad I didn't order a separate bouquet to toss. Our guests were also just as happy with the centerpieces they got to take home. Weeks after the wedding, I received compliments about how fresh and beautiful the arrangements still looked. I was so happy Dawn used the freshest flowers possible. I would highly recommend Dawn to be a part of your special day!
Services used: Flowers

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Jim is an absolutely AMAZING photographer. Photography is a hobby of mine and so my standards of choosing a photographer for my wedding were very high to say the least. Choosing a wedding photographer was my number one priority so I spent months in search of the perfect person. Taking one look at Jim's portfolio quickly made me realize he was the one for me. Capturing the perfect shot was so easy for Jim. Narrowing down my engagement album and wedding album took forever because there were so many incredible pictures to choose from. I was so thrilled to see our special day captured perfectly through Jim's lens. He also possesses the perfect personality that creates genuine smiles and laughs which is hard to find in a photographer. I am so happy I chose Jim to capture our memories and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a highly talented photographer.
Services used: Photography

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Bruce Battleson was the best DJ and MC that we could have asked for. Most people don't see the value in having a talented DJ that can get the crowd going all night long. There's actually an art to reading people, getting a sense for the overall mood, keeping everyone happy, knowing when to change the pace, etc. Bruce knew exactly what to do the entire evening, which helped make the night a success! I also can't thank Bruce enough for his help making a mix CD for our first dance song. Our request was out of the ordinary and came at the last minute. I felt so bad but Bruce was so wonderful and gladly accepted the request. Soon after, he FedEx'ed exactly what we asked for. I would highly recommend Bruce to be the MC and DJ on your special day, or at any event that you want to be a success!
Services used: DJ

Flawless Faces
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Carina is the most talented makeup artist I know! When she's done with your makeup, you will feel absolutely sexy and beautiful. Carina did my Engagement and Wedding pictures and I couldn't have been happier. One half of my engagement photo shoot took place in the ocean and after an hour of getting beat down by the waves, and rubbing my eyes, my makeup still looked flawless. I couldn't believe it! I was expecting my eyelashes to have fallen off, or for my eye liner to rub, but nope! It stayed put the entire shoot! As for the wedding, I cried several streams of happy tears, and yet my makeup still looked beautiful. Once my tears dried up, no one could tell that I was crying. I can't stress how important that is since all eyes are on you. :) Carina is amazing and extremely talented. I am so happy I met her and I would highly recommend her for anyone that wants to look their best!
Services used: Beauty & Health

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Kyle was our videographer and she was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Kyle met us prior to the wedding to get to know us, our personalities, what we like, what our music tastes are, etc. Getting to know us upfront made a world of a difference because it allowed her to visualize certain shots that would go perfectly with songs we would like, all prior to the wedding. It's been 7 months since our wedding and I can't stop watching the video. She did an incredible job capturing EVERYTHING I would have wanted to see. Kyle is so talented and has amazing editing skills as well. Some of the transitions from shot to shot and song to song were very moving. Kyle is a wonderful and talented person and I would highly recommend her to capture your special day!
Services used: Videography