May 23, 2009

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Just started on this section.  I'll try my best to update it this weekend.

First stop Dublin Ireland!
We stayed at Dylan Dublin

HoneyMoon photo 1HoneyMoon photo 2HoneyMoon photo 3HoneyMoon photo 4

Next stop Lisbon Portugal!
We stayed at the Pestana Palace

HoneyMoon photo 5HoneyMoon photo 6HoneyMoon photo 7HoneyMoon photo 8

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We bought the house about a month before the wedding, its brand spankin new and it has been a blast making it our home!

Mi Casa photo 1

Here is the lake that is part of our sub-division (there are only five houses)

Mi Casa photo 2

The kitchen, one of my favorite parts

Mi Casa photo 3

Bedroom, still decorating a bit.

Mi Casa photo 4

My bathtub, its not a claw-foot, but I'll take it!

Mi Casa photo 5

My little niece Maleia's room, hence the huge "M".

Mi Casa photo 6



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Me Me ME!

I'm usually one of those people that you don't notice, I'm in the corner keeping to myself.  On my wedding day, I wanted to stand out, and that's why I'm posting this entry.  Because its all about ME!

bride stuff photo 1bride stuff photo 2bride stuff photo 3bride stuff photo 4bride stuff photo 5bride stuff photo 6bride stuff photo 7bride stuff photo 8bride stuff photo 9bride stuff photo 10bride stuff photo 11bride stuff photo 12bride stuff photo 13


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It wasn't just a bridal shower because I invited boys too.  FI worked so hard on our registries I HAD to let him take part!  We were given a spectacular shower by my MOH and her mother.  I cannot describe how much food we had, if anyone left hungry it was their own fault!  We had an amazing time and got way too many gifts. 

We played some really fun games, yes I said fun, we did a newly wed game that was a real hit.  I wish that one would have lasted about twice as long because I loved it!

We also DYIed some guest book pages, just like we are going to use for our wedding reception.  When we got home we sat down together and read them, that was my favorite part of the night.  The page included a section that could be used to draw a picture of us, that was rather interesting.  We also included a section for their favorite memory of us, I loved that because I had forgotten so many of the things that people wrote.  I can't wait for everyone to fill out the ones at our reception! 

MOH placed disposable cameras at each table, I can't wait to get those pictures back, because many of them were taken by tiny little hands, as you will see below.


I love my honey!
Wedding Shower photo 1

Wedding Shower photo 2

The FI and Me with the Hostesses with the Mostest
Wedding Shower photo 3

MOH! (she means biznass)
Wedding Shower photo 4

My Favorite Cousin (sister) and Favorite Aunt (mom)
Wedding Shower photo 5

FI with one of our flowergirls (she took at least 100 pictures)
Wedding Shower photo 6

Some of our guests (I'll call these VIPs because this is FI's boss)
You can also see our lovely table decorations in this pic as well.
Wedding Shower photo 7

Ok, so everyone needs to have these for their shower or wedding reception.  They were so much fun!  I loved coming home after the shower and reading them, so many memories!
Wedding Shower photo 8Wedding Shower photo 9

Some of the best words of wisdom, advice for our big day and drawings we recieved:
Wedding Shower photo 10Wedding Shower photo 11
Wedding Shower photo 12Wedding Shower photo 13
Wedding Shower photo 14Wedding Shower photo 15Wedding Shower photo 16



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All about the wedding party!

Wedding party photo 1Wedding party photo 2Wedding party photo 3Wedding party photo 4Wedding party photo 5Wedding party photo 6Wedding party photo 7Wedding party photo 8Wedding party photo 9Wedding party photo 10Wedding party photo 11Wedding party photo 12Wedding party photo 13


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I am 5'5'' and as curvy as they come.  I've always been self conscious of my curves, but I'm putting all that aside and getting some surprise bpics made for my fi's birthday/wedding/graduation present.  

bpics photo 1bpics photo 2bpics photo 3 She is making my corset.  Check out her shop.  She is amazing.  I told her I needed it quickly and she has definitely worked very hard to get it to me on time.  This woman is amazing! 


Ok, these were so much fun.  I was really nervous at first and had no idea what to expect, but my photog was amazing, as always.  She gave me great direction and had some cute ideas.  I am having them put into an album and I am going to give it to him just before he sees me on the big day.  She said that she should have the book ready for me to preview in a week or so.  A big thank you to LB, my MOH for going with me!  She was a big help and gave me support, and helped me lace up my corset.  Shannon had me roll around on the floor and I felt like a mix between John McCain and a turtle on its back.  I couldn't move in that thing.  It was pretty humorous.


Here is the hub's reaction when he got the book:

bpics photo 4