May 23, 2009

Davids Bridal
( 2.0 / 5.0 )
This review is solely based on my experice at the DB store in Knoxville, Tennessee. Two weeks after I got engaged, I was bored after work and dropped by DB. It was 7PM on a weekday and the place was desolate. The gal who helped me was courteous and helpful but not well trained. She let me look at a book and pick out some styles I liked. The first dress looked like something I had picked up at a thrift store and hot glued sequins onto, I almost left right then. BUT the second dress she brought over was perfect. It fit everywhere but the bust, big surprise, I'm always too large. The next day I went back and bought the dress and had a bra with less padding special ordered. I went back the following Saturday, yes I had an appoinment, to get my slip veil and shoes. Well, this time the place was insanely crowded. I was completely ignored while someone else got all the attention. I trapsed over and started tearing through the shoe section all on my own. It was rather difficult while in my dress. The girl I was supposed to see COMPLETELY ignored me, I was enraged. Another girl was actually well trained and she took a look in the back and found that "special order" bra for me. The other girl had apparently been too lazy to look. I left that day totally furious. I know that it was crowded and that I wasn't the only bride there but I HAD AN APPOINTMENT! When I went back a month later for the alterations I found a totally different atmosphere. Super proffesional, super helpful and just all around great people. All I needed was a bustle, so my grand total was: Dress $500 Alterations $50 Veil $80 Slip $150 Bra $50 OVERALL: Great value. Sucky service. I wasn't on a budget when I went in there and I didn't expect to find my dress there of all places. I just wanted to get some ideas of what looked good on me because eveything else was closed at the time. Because I bought my dress there I saved a lot of money and got to spend more on my pictures and reception. I got lucky because my dress fit perfectly, but I have heard horror stories of mis-measurements wrong sizes being ordered and what not. If don't mind bad service and you need to save money try it out for yourself.
Services used: Dress & Attire