May 29, 2009

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My Boss wanted to throw me a Lingerie shower...yes.. my boss! Thought it was funny. She's calling it a "personal shower though" and I'm sure it'll be lots of fun. Any who, here's the invite I did for the shower. What all do you do at a lingerie shower? Im not sure she knows either... like, what are some cool things we can do at the shower? I guess im not supposed to really be in on the planning, but I'd like to know. It's not like its the bachlorette party (....which my sister is planning and im scared

PS- A funny thing: I told my FI about the lingerie shower and he laughed hysterically at the thought of my boss in lingerie (she's in her 70's)... I had to tell him "honey, we're not actually wearing lingerie to the shower!"


                                    Lingerie Shower photo 1

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"Where dreams come true..."

Our Venue photo 1          Our Venue photo 2

The place we are getting married is very new. They just opened in January of this year. You can go to the website and see all the pictures. The owners / staff of the venue are great to work with. When you book with them you get a event coordinator & bridal assistant which has helped me tremendously, granted i am a lil' picky and im sure i am getting on their nerves! Didn't have to worry about linens and chairs either. They provide and we are talking Chaviari chairs. I was one of the first brides to book and since, they just keep adding to their already beautiful venue. I have my own bridal suite with a bathroom, closet and stocked refrigerator. Theirs a couch in there and a huge granite vanity for me and the girls. I sound like i should be one of their reps! Oh--- and there's also a "cold feet" door. Thought that was funny when he said it, but it really is a cold feet door! The only thing i didn't like is that everything is white in the ballroom, but then the owner said " i can paint my own canvas"... Well, not literally paint but he means it works with whatever color scheme i choose. Maybe not an ivory toned wedding though... but I agree, it left so much open to the imagination!

Our Venue photo 3       Our Venue photo 4


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For our outside ceremony, we decided to hire a musician. It will help us avoid any technical problems with wires, plugs, and all of that.

The style of music: romantic Spanish guitar

There's nothing better than the sound of a classical guitar serenading you. We have chosen a guitarist by the name of Julio Patino. He is a wonderful musician who has been playing and performing for many many years. I searched everywhere in Dallas, posting ads and what not, for a classical guitarist hoping to find someone who sounds like him, but maybe not as pricey. Nothing. He travels all over so I thought it was too short notice to even try to get him. I finally just spoke with Mr. Patino and he was a DOLL! Genuinely nice and honest and I could tell right off the bat that he had a lot of experience with weddings. He even spoke with my father and they practically became friends. He assured me i wouldn't need a musician as long as I thought I would and my price dropped ALOT.... Im so excited! He's going to help create the romantic atmosphere that we are wanting for our Big Day!!!

FYI- If you find a musician through a gig master or booking agent, the price is very high! (I'm marrying a musician, i know these things)..... I went on a limb and contacted him personally because i figured he spoke Spanish and that was why he relied on agents and what not. It worked out better for the both of us!

Music For our outside ceremony photo 1Music For our outside ceremony photo 2

"Julio Patino sings a beautiful blend of Italian songs and operatic arias, Argentinian Tangos, Brazilian Bossa Novas and songs from the great American song treasure - the jazz standards. With his expressive voice and tender treatment of the classical guitar he evokes an intimate atmosphere which would be the enchanting center of any special occasion. With his extensive experience and education as a composer and performer, Julio is also ready to write songs or create short operatic dramas (involving more than one performer) for your special event. "
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As requested ;) ----- I will add more as I find all my pics! The black dress is the actual bridesmaid dress we are using! Flowers are Hydrangeas in both white and green. These are also the actual invitations...done by me! My cake is off/white with green butterflies cascading around it! Like the cake in Martha Stewart's cover for Spring Weddings 2009!

My Inspiration photo 1My Inspiration photo 2My Inspiration photo 3My Inspiration photo 4My Inspiration photo 5My Inspiration photo 6My Inspiration photo 7My Inspiration photo 8My Inspiration photo 9 My Inspiration photo 10My Inspiration photo 11My Inspiration photo 12My Inspiration photo 13My Inspiration photo 14My Inspiration photo 15My Inspiration photo 16My Inspiration photo 17My Inspiration photo 18My Inspiration photo 19My Inspiration photo 20




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Okay... so im a graphic designer. I found a lot of really cool websites where i could build a wedding site, but none of them let me be as creative as I wanted to be. So i just made my own using wix. I will probably change it out the closer we get to our day, but this will do for now! Check it out!! Tell me what you think...

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Maribella by Maggie Sottero

Bought this brand new with tags, not a sample dress, my exact size (except length) on ebay for $500!!!! I made the store an offer and they accepted it! Came with my Maggie Sottero Certificate and arrived in less than a week. Absolutely stunning and more beautiful than the one i tried on at a very upscale boutique here in Dallas. Cost $1500 retail! My aunt is a seamstress and will be doing my alterations.

The color is Diamond white and when the light hits the dress, it looks like lil' diamonds sparkling all over. We are having an outdoor candle lit ceremony and it will look stunning!!!

Message me if you would like the link to the store!

My Dress photo 1My Dress photo 2My Dress photo 3My Dress photo 4