Sep 05, 2010

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Ok. Yes, I have my shoes, but there's a pair that has been in the back of my mind. I would love to have Sedaraby by Manolo Blahnik. I'm not sure how they'll look on my feet, but I would love a pair of designer shoes. :)

Update: FI & I went to Neiman Marcus today & I tried them on. What's interesting is that on the Neiman Marcus, Barneys, etc woud mentioned to order a size up since they run small. However, the sales person at Neiman Marcus mentioned to order a size smaller & they fit perfectly! The brooch had pearls instead of rhinestones, so I thought I wouldn't be able to get them. I went home, checked the Barneys website, & was able to order the white ones with rhinestone. I can't wait. They should be here next week. :D

Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby photo 1


Unfortunately, the detailing of the shoe is horrible. They had glue residue showing on each brooch & I was so dissapointed. There were other problems with the shoe too. I've had my heart set on these shoes since we've been engaged (maybe before that too) & it didn't come out the way I hoped it would.

A salesperson at Barneys found another pair & it was shipped to me within a few days. Everything about the shoe was perfect, but there was a missing rhinestone. We returned them at the store with no problems, so that was good at least.

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It's been a while since I've posted anything on my profile.

I'm hoping to make my own necklace & bracelet of Swarovski pearls that I bought recently, but I'm not so sure if I can. We'll see how things go.

However, FI got me this ring yesterday. I'm planning on wearing it on my right hand for the wedding. Jewelry photo 1

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I received my ATG Adhesive Applicator yesterday.  I'm really happy about this item & I can't wait to use it! My friend told me about it last year, but I wasn't sure about it since it does cost a lot initally. However, I found it at for a good price. I never heard of this website, but wanted to give it a try & I'm happy that I did. Since it worked out ok for me, I thought it would be nice to share with other members. :)

I am making my own linen paper pocket invitation & the texture doesn't stick well with Memory Tape Runner XL adhesive. I'm certain this will work better.

3M 714 Scotch ATG Adhesive Applicator photo 1The applicator was $41.62 & it included 1 roll of tape. I also purchased 3 more rolls for $11.85 & s&h was $11.34. The total came out to be $64.81. It took 6 business days to get to me. It's big compared to what you can get at Michael's, but that's ok.

3M 714 Scotch ATG Adhesive Applicator photo 23M 714 Scotch ATG Adhesive Applicator photo 3

They have another version, which is ATG 700. It holds 1/2" tape & you can buy an attachment to fit 1/4" tape.

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I had some quality time with one of my bridesmaids, Tary, earlier this month. We went to the mall, had some lunch, & walked around. We walked by Jessica McClintock, I asked her if it was alright to go inside, & so we did. Luckily, the store had some dresses on sale & I tried some on. I put on the second dress & I loved the style of it. I thought that it would be difficult to find another dress where I loved the style & at a good price, so I wanted it. I went home, asked FI to get it, & we got it! I wanted a white dress, but I like the color of ivory as well. At least I have one of the biggest things not to worry about anymore. The dress fits a little tight, but I was able to zip it all the way up. I hope to lose some weight & find the right "equipment", so I can feel like a princess on our special day.

Dress Shoes photo 1Dress Shoes photo 2

On to the shoes...a bride suggested these shoes to me. Thanks Nhu-y! I tried them on at Macy's after a long day. They are made by Nina shoes & it's called Clova. My feet were hurting, nut they felt comfortable once I tried them on! I thought there were a little flashy for me, because I consider myself boring. However, FI like it, & they felt comfortale, so I decided to got with it. It also reminded me of the shoes Leighton Meester (from Gossip Girl) were wearing, shown with the picture below. I just ordered it from Macy's & I can't wait for it to arrive. Of course, I daydreamed about having designer shoes (Louboutins, Manolos, etc.), but it's not practical for me.

Dress Shoes photo 3

I bought another pair of Nina shoes & it's called Kyleen. They are really cute! I thought about if I should have this style for my wedding shoe instead. FI mentioned that he liked the other shoe better, so that shoe it is. I wore them to work for the first time today & they hurt somewhat. I'm happy that these are not going to be my wedding shoes. Another thing is that I don't think it will match my dress. Unfortunately, I've learned that shoes like these can get worn out easily. I took them to the shoe cobbler & was informed that I had to spend $40 to fix the shoe. The shoes were about $60, so I don't think it's worth it.

Update: These shoes are a lot better since I've broken them in. :)

Dress Shoes photo 4

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I got these shoes as a Valentine's Day gift from FI. It's my first pair of designer shoes & I'm so stoked about it! I think I may go with this shoe for the wedding. It's not in the colors for my wedding, but that's ok. I've learned that with wedding planning that things don't necessily come out the way that I hoped for. Also, I love the shoes! Luckily, I've learned with the previous shoe that I need to bring these to the shoe cobbler, so it doesn't get worn out easily. I highly suggest bringing your shoes to the cobbler as soon as you get them & have thicker bottoms placed, so they'll last a long time. Also, check your heels from time to time. It's important to replace them when it's time.

Pleated bow and a Swarovski-studded buckle lend regal detail to an open-toe d'Orsay pump fashioned in lustrous satin by Stuart Weitzman.

Stuart Weitzman shoes photo 1

I got the shoes stretched out & put Foot Petals in them to make them more comfortable.

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I'm not good at telling stories like my FI, but here's my version of it. Jeremy "put a ring on it" on Valentine's Day. What can I say? He likes it (me). We spent the day in San Francisco and I was window shopping for my Valentine's Day gift. He was really sweet that day and it made me wonder why. Was he going to or not propose? We'll see. I knew he would propose soon. He mentioned that he would propose after I graduated. Well, I got the "ok" for my gym membership for 24. It will come in handy since I'm in "bride" mode now.

Later that evening, we had dinner at Boboquivari's in San Francisco. Try the bone-in filet migion if you go there. Jeremy had the Iron-Skillet with mussels, shrimp, & crab. Of course I had to get the bone-in filet migion since I've heard great things about it. It was a really nice dinner as we talked about our future and what we're going to do.

The Iron-Skillet was messy. Thankfully, the restaurant had hand wipes for us to clean our hands with. As I was cleaning my hands, Jeremy mentioned how my hands were missing something, but I had to answer a question first. That's when he "popped" the question and I accepted.

Introducing..."bride kong"! My apologies in advance.