Apr 03, 2009

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Pro Pics

The Big Day photo 1  The Big Day photo 2

The Big Day photo 3 The Big Day photo 4 The Big Day photo 5

The Big Day photo 6

The Big Day photo 7         The Big Day photo 8

The Big Day photo 9   The Big Day photo 10

The Big Day photo 11      The Big Day photo 12

The Big Day photo 13           The Big Day photo 14

The Big Day photo 15           The Big Day photo 16

The Big Day photo 17    The Big Day photo 18 

 The Big Day photo 19     The Big Day photo 20

The Big Day photo 21      

  The Big Day photo 22     The Big Day photo 23

The Big Day photo 24     The Big Day photo 25

The Big Day photo 26

The Big Day photo 27   The Big Day photo 28

The Big Day photo 29

The Big Day photo 30           The Big Day photo 31

The Big Day photo 32   The Big Day photo 33

The Big Day photo 34       The Big Day photo 35

The Big Day photo 36   The Big Day photo 37

The Big Day photo 38   

The Big Day photo 39         The Big Day photo 40 

The Big Day photo 41  The Big Day photo 42

The Big Day photo 43               The Big Day photo 44


The Big Day photo 45

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We went down to San Diego to the Gaslamp. Stayed at the Hard Rock and had a fabulous time! PG pics!

Bachelorette photo 1  Bachelorette photo 2

Bachelorette photo 3  Bachelorette photo 4

   Our $400 Room Service! Feeding our hangovers!


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I had a fabulous time at my shower. Thanks to my mother for creating multiple paper flower arrangements and my rehearsal bouquet. She worked tirelessly and everyone especially myself was very appreciative. Good food, good company and a beautiful sunny day on the water. It was lovely. 


Bridal Shower photo 1      Bridal Shower photo 2

Bridal Shower photo 3      Bridal Shower photo 4

Bridal Shower photo 5      Bridal Shower photo 6

Bridal Shower photo 7      Bridal Shower photo 8


As you can see the green/ yellow/ black and white was carried heavily through the shower as well!

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Current selections for Ceremony Music. 


Processional: Kissing You (Instrumental by Des'ree

Bridal Party: Storybook Love (Princess Bride)

Bride: Canon in D (not so original)

Recessional: God Only Knows by Beach Boys

Postlude: Sugar Magnolia by Grateful Dead


Cocktail: Swingin Cocktail Music of course!


Dinner: Mix of relaxing contemporary music. 


First Dance: I Wanna be Adored by The Stone Roses

Cake Cutting: I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow

Bouquet Toss: White Wedding by Billy Idol

Last Song: I would LOVE to do STOP! by Erasure, but I'm sure I'll get shut down on that one

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Hello! I have a little under 2 months to go until the big day! Yay! I'm not trying to lose 20 pounds or anything crazy just want to look my best possible. For the last 4 months I have been practicing yoga and pilates strictly. In the last month I decided to actually join a gym, because I REALLY need the cardio. I'm a class taking kind of girl so I do spin class 3 times a week, trampoline 2 times a week, yoga only once a week now, strength train 3 times a week, and I have 2 days off. Most days I double up workouts. It's been hard spending so much time on myself when there are so many wedding things to be taken care of. With all the stress though it's much needed. 

My Goals!

Currently: 138lbs

I hope to lose somewhere around 10lbs by April 3. I have lost 7lbs so far since January 12th. 

I find inspiration in reading Oxygen magazine, my workout buddy and every time I am spinning on that darn bike until I feel like I want to puke I think about how I want to look amazing in my dress for all those photos. 

I'll post food choices soon!


*UPDATE! 3/5/09*

So, I've been hitting the gym REAL hard over the past month and a half. I have lost 10 pounds! As long as the scale at the gym is accurate! My clothes fit completely different and some of my bottoms can slide right off. I want to tone more but this is awesome! 


Currently 128lbs :)

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Invitations and Other DIY photo 1 Invitations and Other DIY photo 2

Invitations and Other DIY photo 3

Our invites were a definite DIY. Card stock and reply cards from Martha Stewart Crafts. Pocketfolds are from Envelopments in Green Tea. Custom monogram backed on black cardstock. 

Invitations and Other DIY photo 4  Invitations and Other DIY photo 5

This is my Directions/ Map Card Insert

The only inserts I included were a photo of us, the map/ directions and the reply card. Everything else was included on our wedding website we created. 

I am also using address wraps for the exterior. Using a slightly glimmering paper that matches the trim of the cardstock. 

Invitations and Other DIY photo 6 This is the image used for the custom stamp. 


Invitations and Other DIY photo 7

Goodie bags for hotel rooms. I have a mix of snacks to fill them up with. 


Invitations and Other DIY photo 8

The water bottles for the hotel rooms.