Apr 18, 2009

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The Reception photo 1


Dinner time.  The backdrop for the ceremony doubled as a backdrop for the sweetheart table.  And put an element on the stage to take away from it's vast emptiness.

The Reception photo 2

The cake table.  Originally the letters were supposed to lay down on the table.  However, I was told they were lost in the colorful fabric the caterer choose (she did an awesome job finding brown and blue fabrics).  So they stood them up.  Unfortunately, I wasn't there when they put the decoration on the front of the cake, and they didn't position the "swirly twigs" correctly, and I hate that it looks like Mickey Mouse.  

The Reception photo 3

First Dance on the small patio.  The guys put up christmas lights earlier in the day and they looked awesome!  Especially as the sun went down.

The Reception photo 4

The Reception photo 5

And off we go..........

The Reception photo 6

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(Most of these are photos taken by friends.)

Off to the Gainesville Garden Club for some photos and the Ceremony...Steve built a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony with the help of our friend Brittany.  It really added something special to the ceremony.  My flowers were by The Plant Shoppe, Betsy Gardner owner.  They were absolutely beautiful.  White tulips have always been my favorite flower.

Gettin Hitched photo 1

Gettin Hitched photo 2

Gettin Hitched photo 3

Gettin Hitched photo 4

Gettin Hitched photo 5

Gettin Hitched photo 6     Gettin Hitched photo 7

Now the ceremony...My dad walked me down the aisle.  He was nervous, it was cute.

Gettin Hitched photo 8

And we say our vows....It was quite warm standing in the sun.

Gettin Hitched photo 9

Then we exchanged our rings.....

Gettin Hitched photo 10 Gettin Hitched photo 11

Now we are husband and wife...Woo Hoo!!  Our recessional was the Gator Fight Song.  We are huge University of Florida fans.  We both went there and currently work there.  Almost everyone was clapping along, and we watched the video later and heard everyone yell "Go Gators" in the part of the song that calls for it.  We didn't notice that when it happened.  So cute!

Gettin Hitched photo 12

Gettin Hitched photo 13


   Courtney and Matt

Gettin Hitched photo 14

     Jess and Carter

Gettin Hitched photo 15

       Tiff and Ben

Gettin Hitched photo 16


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Here is a recap!

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The day started at 9:30 am with a makeup appointment.  This one I did my own.  It was nice and peaceful and quiet.  My makeup lady, Christy, had some great jazz standards playing.  Really relaxed me.

From there I went to the hotel to get some breakfast that my bridesmaid Jess got for me. Then we left for our hair appointments with my mom in tow.  Jess' was at 11:30, mine at 12:30, and Amy the hairdresser fit my mom into the mix.

Getting Ready photo 1Getting Ready photo 2

Getting Ready photo 3

Then we headed back to the room to relax and eventually get dressed.

Getting Ready photo 4Getting Ready photo 5

Then off to the venue......

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I'm a redhead so I decided to just search other redheads and try to keep it simple.

Beauty photo 1Beauty photo 2

Beauty photo 3Beauty photo 4Beauty photo 5Beauty photo 6Beauty photo 7Beauty photo 8


Now my trial pics:

A couple things we will change: I won't be as "sparkly" as I am in these pics.  And I need to talk to her about the mascara, it was a little clumpy.  I am thinking that maybe the smokey eye needs to come up a little higher?  We are also using liquid liner (pic 2 versus pic 1), we both thought it would make my eyes pop more.

Beauty photo 9Beauty photo 10

Beauty photo 11

My Hair trial pics:

Beauty photo 12Beauty photo 13


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I need more lists.  Really do I?

  • Book Resort: Wyndham Cozumel Resort and Spa (Sabor Section)
  • Book Flights
  • Book Chichen Itza Tour: do this when we get there
  • Buy Biodegradable Sunscreen for Mexico
  • Get Passports
  • Buy FI shoes
  • Buy sun dresses
  • Buy Bathingsuit for FI
  • Buy Bathingsuit for me
  • Buy hiking backpack
  • PACK!
  • Arrange for Dog/Cat Sitters

Honeymoon Planning photo 1Honeymoon Planning photo 2Honeymoon Planning photo 3