Apr 25, 2009

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Because I am a planner, and because I have a small house and limited resources, and because time will become a factor as soon as my classes are in full swing and work gets busy again, I am already planning our Christmas Party.

This will be done with the help of PW girls, mostly DIY, and an eye on keeping it budget-friendly. I intend to invite about 75 people, which is the same as my wedding! It will be open-house style, so no sit-down meal required! Just a lot of finger foods, dessert and wine.

The invites:

Postcard style, ordered from Vistaprint.

Sarah and Yvan s Holiday Open House photo 1

The colour scheme:

Like the invites, I will be focusing mainly on blue and gold, but the blue will be more royal because it's easier to find and I have a table cloth that colour :) I will also be adding in the white and forest green. But no red unless absolutely necessary. I've had enough of red decorations.

The date:

Saturday, December 5. This seems early but really, I want people to come and people have so many commitments around Christmas, this made the most sense.

The good deed:

In lieu of hostess gifts, I have asked the guests (as an optional thing) to bring new, unwrapped toys for the Christmas Wish Foundation.

The food:

I will be doing an appetizer buffet as the "main course", with many finger foods, such as:

  • Spinach dip and pumpernickel loaf
  • Meatballs
  • Shrimp ring(s)
  • Mini quiche
  • Chicken skewers
  • Bruschetta
  • Spring rolls/egg rolls
  • Stuffed mushrooms
  • Cheese sticks
  • Mini pizzas
  • And more

For desserts, same idea:

  • Mini cheesecakes
  • Squares
  • Brownies
  • Rice Krispie treats
  • Macaroons
  • And more

I hope to make as much in advance as I can, and freeze it, to be thawed the week of or cooked that day accordingly.

The decor:

I am going to move all the furniture off my main floor and instead put about 6 bar-height cocktail tables around with a tray of food on each. Then I will have one banquet table in the kitchen for drinks and desserts, and I'm going to cover up the sink area on my kitchen counters (like with a cutting board, then covered with a table cloth) for more counter space for food and bar. I will scatter a few chairs but essentially I think people should be standing the majority of the time as it's an open house.

There won't be room for a Christmas tree, but I'm going to put up green garlands with white lights around the windows and up the stairs. The tables will all have either blue or gold linens, and I plan to have a few hurricane vases filled with blue and gold Christmas ornaments on the main table. We will have a mini tree on the stairwell landing for people to put their Christmas Wish present donations.

The favours:

The cocoa cones found here:

So far: Ordered cone-shaped favour bags from Bonbons Connexion Candy. Prepared 50 bags with hot chocolate, twist ties, and put inside second bag. I will wait another month or so to complete them so the marshmallows don't go stale.

To-Do List:

For September:

  • Begin guest list, including looking up all mailing addresses
  • Begin addressing invites
  • Look up rental companies in my city to rent bar-height cocktail tables, one large banquet table, and any necessary chairs or linens
  • Pick up supplies (napkins, paper plates, etc.) when I see them at a good price
  • Make an excel file detailing all spending, guests, to-do lists, etc. modelled on wedding spreadsheet
  • Find some inspiration photos for decorations
  • Paint main floor rooms (may go into October)
  • Confirm baking weekend with cousin to make cheesecakes and squares for freezer (in late October or November) set for November 13-14
  • Begin working on favours

For October:

  • Begin baking and freezing food/desserts

Why I need PW:

You guys are amazing at finding inspiration, giving great tips, checking for great deals, and helping keep us control-freak planners sane. I hope you all have as much fun helping me plan this as you did my wedding!

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So my bachelorette party was planned by my MOH Kaitlyn and our friend Shilo. We all met at Kaitlyn's apartment beforehand for pre-drinking, cake and snacks, then we went to one of the nightclubs in our city. The theme was "Fling Before The Ring".

Bachelorette Partay photo 1

The window decorations...left side says Fling Before the Ring and the right side is definitely a penis.

Bachelorette Partay photo 2

My cake! Half was vanilla cake, and the other half was chocolate.

Bachelorette Partay photo 3

Shots with the you can see my "Fling Before the Ring" shirt that they made me.

Bachelorette Partay photo 4

This is what was on the BACK of my shirt :)

Bachelorette Partay photo 5

One of the games we played was try and construct a realistic pee-pee out of clay.

Bachelorette Partay photo 6

Mine kept flopping over...that's why I look so sad.

Bachelorette Partay photo 7

Backseat shot on the way to the bar...

Bachelorette Partay photo 8

(Almost) the whole group at the bar...poor Patricia got cut off when I took the picture.

Bachelorette Partay photo 9

Kaitlyn and Shilo's face.

There are no pics of it yet, but I also had a "Two Bucks a Suck" T-shirt. I made about $25 selling lifesavers off myself. I had a great time!

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My first bridal shower, hosted by my BM/cousin and her mom (my aunt) was March 28.

Bridal Shower 1 photo 1

This is the cake my cousin made. It was amazing.

Bridal Shower 1 photo 2

One of my presents, which I took a pic of because it was so pretty.

Bridal Shower 1 photo 3 Bridal Shower 1 photo 4 Bridal Shower 1 photo 5 

Me in my bow hat (pics above, MOH Kaitlyn on right and cousin/BM Emily on left)

The shower had a tea party theme so we had a few different kinds of tea, chocolate and regular scones, little sandwiches, etc. It was a fairly small shower (8 people) and we didn't play any games but it was still a lot of fun.

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I paid for all the hair and makeup for the day, but I wanted to add something special for my girls.

So for my MOH, I got her a nice heart-shaped jewelry box with her name engraved on it. I also threw in some monogram notecards from the Michael's $1 bin.

BM and junior BM are getting some nice watches I found, and monogram notecards as well.

Groomsmen and junior groomsman are getting these lighters/USB keys from FI had them engraved with each GM's name and the wedding date.

Gifts photo 1


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My e-ring is a blue diamond in the middle with regular diamond on either side, in a white gold setting.

My band is white gold with ten diamonds. For anyone who is superstitious, yes, that means I have 13 diamonds total. Oh well! The wedding band is engraved Y&S 2009 on the inside:

The Rings photo 1

Here is FI's ring, a 4mm tungsten carbide band from It was a steal at $50 USD, and they can engrave it once you've tried it on and sent it back:

 The Rings photo 2

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I'll admit it, I used the song 'Kokomo' to pick a honeymoon location...

  1. Aruba: too expensive
  2. Jamaica: but where?
  3. Bermuda: too expensive
  4. Bahamas: too vague
  5. Key Largo: not exotic enough
  6. Montego: hey, that's in Jamaica...

Montego Bay it is!

We are staying at an adults-only resort just outside of Montego Bay; it's actually technically in a place called Runaway bay.

This was our room:

Honeymoon photo 1

View from the front door:

Honeymoon photo 2

Swimming in the pool:

Honeymoon photo 3

Fishing off the pier at the resort (we caught nothing!):

Honeymoon photo 4

Around town:

Honeymoon photo 5  Honeymoon photo 6

Honeymoon photo 7 

Our excursion to the White River, for tubing and ziplining:

Honeymoon photo 8  Honeymoon photo 9 

Honeymoon photo 10  Honeymoon photo 11 

Honeymoon photo 12 

Our excursion to Dolphin Cove (sadly the camera died so there are no shots of me kissing a dolphin; also please forgive my ugliness as it was VERY hot):

Honeymoon photo 13  Honeymoon photo 14 

Honeymoon photo 15  Honeymoon photo 16

Our climb of the Dunn's River Falls (it was raining so that's why I'm in a poncho, LOL):

Honeymoon photo 17  Honeymoon photo 18 

Honeymoon photo 19  Honeymoon photo 20

We didn't leave until about two weeks after the wedding, because of work, but I'm actually glad, because we had time to relax and pack beforehand.