Jun 27, 2009

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Our dreams are finally coming true!!! I cant wait either!!! My name is Kim Ellison and im 23 years old. My awesome Fiance is Jason Matejek and he is 25 years old. We are from a small town in Arkansas. We met through his sister! And still to this day she gets all the credit! We both love her to death. We spent all last summer together and had some great dates! We pretty much fell in love with each other the same time! Neither one of us could stay away from each other. I wanted to see him 24-7! I am finishing up my last semester of college to get my bach. degree. Jason will be finishing in the fall with a Business degree! Jason is the love of my life and i cant wait to get married to my best friend! We have amazing families that support us in everything we do!

Our engagement nite was simply a fairy tale! The weekend after Thanksgiving Jason took me to the down town square  in Fayetteville, AR to see the Christmas lights.. There was alot of people so he decided to get in a horse carriage and take a look that way! Little did i know that he had a ring with him.. Jason is the type of person that cant hide a suprise from me. He asked and of course this happy lil girl said YES!!! I felt like a princess :) This was suppose to be my Christmas present but my boy was so in love he couldnt hide his feelings!

Our wedding will be AWESOME!! I have been planning for a while now... Our wedding date is set for June 27, 2009.  Our wedding will be in Black White and Rhinestone.. HOW ELEGANT!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I got my dress and its a Maggie! Got to check them out if you are looking for a dress! Simply beautiful.


Some pictures that my mom took of us one afternoon! She is great!!!!!!!

Our life together photo 1        Our life together photo 2


Our life together photo 3       Our life together photo 4


Our life together photo 5        Our life together photo 6    


Our life together photo 7

 Me as a Brunette!! It was a huge change for me!



             MY DRESS !!!!!!

Our life together photo 8

I will have more pictures up soon! This is the only one i could find at the time!




Our life together photo 9        Our life together photo 10


Our life together photo 11