Oct 24, 2009

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I am the proud owner of the PW Plus Sized Brides group!

I created this group for all of us to share the great plus size website out there, give advice to one another and come together!

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We decided on a Fall theme for our wedding, not just because we are having it in October, but because we both love fall and Halloween. Some of my inspirations were:

Theme and stuff photo 1Theme and stuff photo 2Theme and stuff photo 3

What my colors say about me (LOVE this):

Red: A passionate, romantic choice, red is impulsive and outgoing. Depicted as zealous and ambitious, red symbolizes love and rage. Whether it denotes joy, celebration, happiness or prosperity, red elicits a dramatic response from both sides of the emotional spectrum. Red lovers tend to be restless and optimistic and go along with people with uncomplicated natures. A powerful selection, red is sure to represent a fiery hostess with 'look at me' flair.

Orange: Spontaneous and daring, brides who choose orange are bold. Because orange is a happy and trendy hue, orange enthusiasts tend to be popular, have excessive energy and are part of a large social circle. From a bright and happy backdrop to an exotic, spicy richness, brides who prefer orange tend to be fearless and curious, with a zest for life.

Brown: A natural, neutral color of the earth, brown represents wholesomeness and dependability. Symbolizing comfort and contentment, brown represents honesty. Just right for your wedding day, brown is substantial, steady and responsible. From rich chocolate and dark coffee to cream and soft beige, this earthy shade can be intense or pale, dramatic or modest.


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Here is my final result!!! It all looked so wonderful!! My friend Kelly did both my hair amd mu and did an AWESOME job! I posted a mix of pro and non pro pics

Hair Makeup photo 1Hair Makeup photo 2Hair Makeup photo 3Hair Makeup photo 4Hair Makeup photo 5 Hair Makeup photo 6 Hair Makeup photo 7

Ok here is the after effect of 100+ bobby pins! (2 of my friends attacked my head to get them all out, lol)

Hair Makeup photo 8

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Hi! We are Shari and Drew from Rochester New York.

We met in June of 2007 thru Yahoo personals. I knew from the moment we met face to face, we would be spending a lot of time together. Our first date was almost 5hrs long. We went to dinner and just talked forever!! We tried to go to a movie next, but there was nothing playing, so we decided to call it a night. I really liked him and I knew he felt terrible about how the night ended, so I texted him about 30mn after leaving. We have been together ever since.

We got engaged on 4/28/08. It was the best day of my life!! FI was soo nervous!! He gave me the new Def Leppard cd that had just came out and I dropped the cellophane. When he bent down to pick it up he went to one knee and out came the ring!! I knew I would be getting it, I just didn't know when.

We got married on October 24, 2009 at The Webster Golf Club in Rochester New York. Since I am Jewish and my FI is Catholic we were married by a non-denominational Reverend. It was a fall theme wedding because we both love fall time/colors and Halloween. Our colors were Burnt Orange, Claret and Espresso.

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I now am Mrs H photo 1