Jun 18, 2010

Frederick's Pastries
( 4.8 / 5.0 )
We couldn't have been more pleased with our cake. With such little direction style wise they knew what we wanted. It was if we'd brought in a sketch of our colors and style we were going for.

I think everyone said the cake was delicious as well as gorgeous!

We went with a custom design on a three tier square cake. It was white butter cream with mocha and white almond pound cake with fudge, mocha and more fudge for the fillings. We had ribbon on the bottom of every tier, with a little textured look on the tiers with the smallest amount of swirls going around the top of the tiers. We had a generous amount of fresh flowers (hydrangea, peonies, stock flowers) on the cake with some as the topper as well. $55 for fresh hydrangeas, but they were gorgeous!
Services used: Wedding Cake

( 4.8 / 5.0 )
Jacques were very accommodating. I went in there knowing what i wanted and i got pretty much that. I was impressed and so were the guests. I still cant stop looking at my bouquet. I wasn't planning on keeping it, but once the day came and i saw how gorgeous it was, i had to :)

My only issues with them were that I wanted hydrangeas for the bouts but we were told a week before when they tried to do a mock up that they wilted to fast, then we switched to a orchid that was a similar look for all of them. We were supposed to get white for the groom and green for the other men.... the green never came in. I got a phone call the DAY BEFORE when they were doing everything, so then we made the switch to the bells of Ireland; which admittedly looked good. Other than that. there was mis-communication with the fact that i wanted peonies or roses that looked like peonies and i got little garden roses- when we went in to see the centerpiece mock up - i had them make the switch (and thats when they told me that the peonies were actually cheaper!!)... but in the end i got my peonies for my bouquet and matching ones on the cake :)

Other than that. They seemed a little disorganized. If they weren't the ones we previously dealt with they were on the phone confirming or trying to, or looking for our contract sheet - seems like they need a computer or something to log their orders. But in the end we got want we wanted and we were happy :)
Services used: Flowers

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
For 6 hours of DJing we went with Kibar Moussoba and he was fantastic. He was professional and always available through email or text. We wanted a relaxed wedding reception and he definitely gave us that; he let everyone sit back and relax and listen to the music and not on the mike every 5 minutes talking. He was perfect for our reception and he is very flexible to what anyone may want during their ceremony or reception :)
Services used: DJ