Jul 11, 2010

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my lovely PW friends! I hope your season is filled with love and happiness!

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Wedding items for sale!

Mirrors from centerpieces:
10 square round-edged mirrors, 8x8 inches. Selling for $10 plus shipping!

Product info from Ikea Here.

SÖRLI Mirror  Width: 7 7/8 " Height: 7 7/8 " Thickness: 1/8 " Package quantity: 4 pack  Width: 20 cm Height: 20 cm Thickness: 3 mm Package quantity: 4 pack
In Action:


Blue Canvas OOT bags!:
34 blue bags, 8x9 inches, perfect size for Out of Town bags. We never ended up using them because of time constraints. $30 + shipping for all of them!

This is the stock photo:
For Sale photo 1
The color is the blue all the way on the right in the bottom photo:
For Sale photo 2
We also have 4 light blue bags that were sent with the package... dont know why. Lol. Those will come with the others for whoever purchases them.

Extra full A-line Crenoline:
I never ended up using this either- so its brand new! A last minute dress change gave me a very full dress already.
I'm asking $20 plus shipping for it!

Length: 40"
Height: 38"
Adjustable waist size: 24"-46"

This is the stock photo:
For Sale photo 3

Wedding Dance DVD:
Great DVD- worked SO well for us, we had a fabulous first dance and we were complimented on it all night.
Asking $22 plus shipping for it!
Here is the stock photo and info from ebay.
For Sale photo 4


Asking $95 for all of them!

Champagne flutes:
Wine glasses:
12-oz Soda Glasses:
11-oz Drink Glasses:
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Welcome to my biography! My name is Cassie. I married a wonderful man named Matthias on January 11, 2010 in a sweet courthouse wedding and then again in a bigger celebration on July 11, 2010.

I'm so grateful to have been chosen as a hostess on PW! I love this community so very much and I'm honored!

Come on down and join the Ask A Hostess group and ask me anything! Or, lets just chit-chat!

Most of my biography pages are private (so they aren't google-able), but I love making new PW friends, so feel free to add me!

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Pro Pic Teaser photo 1

Courtesy of the fabulous Melissa Franson photography