Jun 12, 2010

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I just have to show our amazing wedding enlargement. We got it from Canvas on Demand. We highly reccomend them. Great quality and service.

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All pictures taken by my dear friend Juan http://www.jpsphotoblog.com/

My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 1My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 2My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 3My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 4My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 5My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 6My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 7My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 8My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 9My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 10My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 11My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 12My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 13My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 14My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 15My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 16My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 17My Amazing BRIDAL SHOWER photo 18

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These were made by my MOH. They have never been used. The ribbon color is a sage green and a chocolate brown. There's lots of bling on these. I personally hand glued rhinestones to each flower on the fabric pattern. Each corner of the pillow has a round charm hanging from it. The pillow is a little bigger then average. Its 14x14. The materials to make these were over $80 (mostly because of the charms on them) I'm selling both for $40. Let me know if you are interested :)

FOR SALE photo 1FOR SALE photo 2FOR SALE photo 3FOR SALE photo 4FOR SALE photo 5FOR SALE photo 6FOR SALE photo 7

 Buckles for sale

These are 2 inch buckels with clear rhinestones. I purchased these for our wedding but didnt end up using them all. I have 23 unused ones. I paid $3.15 for each from http://www.rhinestonejewelry.com/12359c.html

Selling all 23 for $3.00 Total of $69.00 plus shipping.




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Shoot 1:

These were taken by a great friend of ours. http://studiobyjc.com/

Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 1Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 2Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 3Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 4Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 5Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 6Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 7Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 8

Shoot 2:

Taken by one of my best friends http://www.jpsphotoblog.com/

Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 9Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 10

Shoot 3:

Our professional photographer http://studiobycarmen.com/blog/

Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 11Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 12Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 13Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 14Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 15Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 16Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 17Engagement Pictures TIMES THREE photo 18

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 After a few failed attempts and two cancelled dresses I found the one. Casablanca 1902.

THE DRESS and accessories photo 1THE DRESS and accessories photo 2THE DRESS and accessories photo 3


THE DRESS and accessories photo 4THE DRESS and accessories photo 5


The jewelry and hair clip..

THE DRESS and accessories photo 6THE DRESS and accessories photo 7


 The shoes..

THE DRESS and accessories photo 8THE DRESS and accessories photo 9


THE DRESS and accessories photo 10

 Bouquet Inspiration

I want bling on my handle...I found these for it. bouquet from anj62009 Mine will look like the picture on the right.

THE DRESS and accessories photo 11THE DRESS and accessories photo 12

 Inspiration for my bouquet                                                

picture from EliNick

THE DRESS and accessories photo 13THE DRESS and accessories photo 14


THE DRESS and accessories photo 15THE DRESS and accessories photo 16


THE DRESS and accessories photo 17