May 30, 2009

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We will be leaving in January to go live overseas for 3 years in Yokosuka, Japan. He will be working in the Naval Hospital on base. I've never been out of the country before, so it's going to be a very big adventure for me. And we definitely need to get some Japanese Rosetta Stone, because I only know 3 words in Japanese!

Here's the place I will be calling home for 3 years:

Leaving on a jet plane photo 1



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Love the Rihanna song, but this is not about her, just about our music we have picked out so far. All the posts for people to list their songs made me feel like just putting them all on here. Hehe. We've got a pretty eclectic mix of songs going on.......

I'm walking down the aisle to Apocalyptica's cello version of "Nothing Else Matters". My BM will be too, we're just having one song, but I'll start walking when it builds up and gets loud. =]



Recessional is Goldfinger's "99 Red Balloons" and we're having our guests, well, you can probably guess....release 99 red balloons at the end of the wedding. =]



Our introduction song has been changed! It's Never Shout Never's "Happy".



Our first dance is Brand New's "The No Seatbelt Song". Not a traditional lovey song, but it's one of our songs and we love it. The mic feedback in the beginning is a part of the song, just an fyi.





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She just came in today!! Yay! I loooove it! I'm going to have the neckline made a little more dramatic though.

The dress photo 1The dress photo 2The dress photo 3


*******Finished results after alterations*******

The dress photo 4The dress photo 5The dress photo 6


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Our photographer (Ally Voshell, Why We Wait Photography) was SO fun. Here are some of the sneak peek pictures that she allowed me to steal from her to post until we get our picture disc! (There are more under my photos).

E pics photo 1E pics photo 2E pics photo 3

E pics photo 4E pics photo 5E pics photo 6                                   E pics photo 7


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We originally wanted an old Rolls Royce as our car, but they wanted a hefty security deposit on top of the rental fee, and we're on a budget.

So this is our limo...Chrysler 300, baby! =]

Riding Dirty photo 1Riding Dirty photo 2

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Changed bouquet inspiration, thanks to ShellS and her post about Aisle Design and their awesome eye candy florals.

New inspiration:

Flower power photo 1

Love it. Sooooo much. Ordering burgundy mini callas, black bacarra roses, and making the fiddlehead ferns (monkey tails).


And I'm thinking the girls could carry "stacked" black magic rose bouquets, kind of like this:

Flower power photo 2Source: Offbeat Bride


Still DIYing all the flowers though!