Jan 01, 2011

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Victor is not one of your ordinary grooms....what I mean by this is that he is involved in every aspect of this wedding and he even goes to the extreme of doing fun projects for his groomsmen. He is creative, artistic, and very passionate about what he does. This is only one of the reasons why I love him so much.       

                                        Blissful Groom photo 1

*His Shoes*

The one thing Victor made sure we integrate into the wedding were his and his groomsman's shoes. Victor is a big fan of Adidas shoes. These are some of the styles he is looking into for the wedding day.

Blissful Groom photo 2

*The Grooms Shoes*

Blissful Groom photo 3


Attire - Groom will wear a gray suit and the Groomsmen black suit (tie will be a solid color) 

Blissful Groom photo 4

Groomsmen fun package

Below is one of the projects Victor worked on for his groomsmen. He compiled 6 sets of packages that included a comic book, personalized CD of songs they all like, list and information of each groomsmen, each got a Lantern corps emotion ring more info below, his list of invites for the bachelor party, (they are a little too excited for this, details on their attire for the wedding day so they can start saving, and some other fun stuff. Most of the comic book stuff was collected during Free comic book days. I don't think he spent a lot on this stuff. 

Victor is a big comic book fan and so are his groomsmen so they are really making it fun for themselves. It was so cool to see Victor so involved in making these packages and making our wedding experience fun and exciting for his groomsmen. Since most of the time the BM's are the ones who have the most fun! 

Blissful Groom photo 6Blissful Groom photo 7Blissful Groom photo 8Blissful Groom photo 9

Picture idea - One cool thing Victor did was get them each a super hero ring that symbolizes Lantern's core emotions and they are all different colors. Victor picked each color for each of his grooms men. They will be wearing these rings pre-wedding ceremony for there grooms pictures. Victor thought of this all on his own! lol... Here is what I'm talking about. You can get these rings at any comic book store. 

Blissful Groom photo 10Blissful Groom photo 11

Blissful Groom photo 12


  1. Groom is BlueLantern Corps - Symoblizes Hope
  2. BM is Yellow Sinestro Corps - Fear 
  3. BM is Agent Orange Larfleeze - Greed
  4. BM is Red Lantern Corps - Rage
  5. GM is GreenLantern Corps - Willpower
  6. GM is Indigio Tribe - Compassion
  7. GM is Violet - Love Star Sapphires

If you would like more info on the rings , but if your FI is a comic book fan I'm sure he will know what these are. 

Comic book Boudoir picture - I did want to integrate his love for comic books in my b-pictures so I took a picture with comic books on me as an outfit. Really cute. I've taken if off my bio, if you would like to see it PM me. =)


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I am very fortunate to have a future sister in law that works for a paper company that specializes (Envelopments) in invitations. She gets a great, I mean 60-70% off discount which is a big plus! Here is what me and my FI decided to do for our STD. As much as we wanted to take e-pictures and add them to our STD, time just does not permit. But I really love this simple calender idea. Adding a magnet on the back.  

STD photo 1STD photo 2STD photo 3

Also adding some stickers for our guests to add in their personal planners as well. Found this idea on Martha Stewart's wedding website.

STD photo 4

I decided to order an embosser with our names and P.O address for the back of the envelope and any other stationary we use for the wedding. Ordered the embosser from PSA essentials

STD photo 5

This was the design I picked. Kept it simple sinice I will be using it FOREVER. =)

STD photo 6


Paper, print, and design by Envelopments

Calligraphy by

Bridal party tags for their gifts and flowers day of wedding. Saw this idea on JenandChrisPonce (which I was apart of her wedding as well) and loved it! Great find Jen! Michelle was awesome to work with. 

Tags from Etsy seller sweetpeasseashells



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I have 3 MOH's and 6 BM's! Yes lol... I know its a lot, but I'm so lucky to have so many wonderful ladies in my life. I can count on them for anything. My bridal entourage is half family and friends. It was hard to pick at first. I really wanted to keep it small, but in the end I just decided to have them all. Its a big challenge, but I'm ready for it! I love my girls! My mom (next to me) and my FMIL (In the black dress and boots) are in this picture as well.

We all met to have brunch (at the Hacienda where the wedding will be) and to go try on BM dresses. It was so much fun!. We went to David's Bridal since they have one of the biggest selection of dresses. When we arrived they said wow is this your bridal entourage! lol... It was a great day.


I decided to make a folder for the girls. Each folder was from a venue that Victor and I visited during the wedding process (GO GREEN!) lol... and I didn't want to spend money on folders. So inside the folder I added a contact list of everyones info, a little pocket note pad (bird theme from Micheal's for $1 each) pen included, a Save Theses Dates card for the girls to remember Bridal Shower, Bachelorette dates etc, and a Bridesmaid poem. I went to Hallmark to get them printed. All I spent was $30 bucks for all materials for 13 folders. They were a big hit!

My Bridal Entourage photo 2My Bridal Entourage photo 3 My Bridal Entourage photo 4My Bridal Entourage photo 5

These are some pictures at David's Bridal. 

My Bridal Entourage photo 6My Bridal Entourage photo 7My Bridal Entourage photo 8My Bridal Entourage photo 9

Bridesmaid picture inspirations - See...I'm not the only bride to have an entourage of BM's lol...

My Bridal Entourage photo 10My Bridal Entourage photo 11

My Bridal Entourage photo 12My Bridal Entourage photo 13

                                                                            Picture above from PW bride: GondaluvsGondo

My Bridal Entourage photo 14My Bridal Entourage photo 15


The MOH's will be wearing a different style from Alfred Angelo....  

My Bridal Entourage photo 16

BM's will be wearing Alfred Angelo with                                 Pashmina from Etsy seller flaxdesigns

dress style 7017 color: Cherry

My Bridal Entourage photo 17                                     My Bridal Entourage photo 18

BM bouquet inspirations 

If the 1st photo is yours please let me know so I can credit you. =)

My Bridal Entourage photo 19My Bridal Entourage photo 20

I went shopping in Down Town L.A Santee street of course and bought my BM's their earrings for $6 each. Great deal!

My Bridal Entourage photo 21

Purchased these hair piece flowers for their hair by Etsy seller SarasBoutique



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Thank you for stopping by and checking out my bio! Some of my pages are private only until the wedding so, if you would like to see my entire bio, please add me as a friend!  Happy planning to all PW brides! xoxo

Date: Saturday, January 1, 2011 (Very meaningful to us since Victor proposed on New Years Eve). We like to do things with a lot of meaning. 

Venue: The Hacienda - Orange County (This location couldn't be any more perfect for us, once you go inside its like you've gone into a whole new world. Its like a mini spanish villa. On a side note; Across the street is the community college where Victor and I met so we are going for a "First Look" and meeting there.)

Click here to see a wedding shot by PalosStudios and another wedding by Perpixelphoto at the Hacienda. 

Blissful s Wedding Date Venue Colors photo 1Blissful s Wedding Date Venue Colors photo 2Blissful s Wedding Date Venue Colors photo 3Blissful s Wedding Date Venue Colors photo 4

Colors: Red & Gray with touches of black and white.

Blissful s Wedding Date Venue Colors photo 5Blissful s Wedding Date Venue Colors photo 6Blissful s Wedding Date Venue Colors photo 7Blissful s Wedding Date Venue Colors photo 8

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Love Bird Theme: Already purchased birdcages and urns from PW Bride Caitthegreat for my centerpieces. I will have a mix of birdcages, urns, and some candle votives.  I like to mix it up!  


Wedding Details photo 1Wedding Details photo 2

The groom working hard to make the birdcages flawless! His been such a great support. I'm a lucky girl! 

Booked Sassy Booths - It was a big hit! 

Wedding Details photo 4


Our bubbly and flutes for our toast will be Segura Viudas seeing that its named after my future married name and the bottle is gorgeous!  My future mother in-law found this champagne. I love things to be personalized and this is by far our favorite idea on how to personalized our wedding. Flutes are from Macy's Waterford "Happy Celebr ations" Flute pair. 

Wedding Details photo 6               Wedding Details photo 7Wedding Details photo 8


Non-Traditional Guest book sign in - As you may know (based on how Victor proposed) we are big music junkies. So we decided to be a little different with our guest book. We decided to have everyone sign on a guitar similar to the one below so we can have it displayed in our living room on a stand. It will go perfect with our custom made coffee table which will have ALL our concert tickets that we have ever been too displayed.

UPDATE: Today 7/3/10 we got our guest sign in item/ceremony instrument/and decoration display for our living room. We went to the Guitar Center's 4th of July sale and got  great deal! We are so happy and in love with this guitar!

Takamine Jumbo Acoustic Guitar                            (2nd picture from picture weddingchicks website)

Wedding Details photo 9Wedding Details photo 10

Honoring Grandparents and Parents who have been commitmented to love, family, and great memories. 

I wanted to place pictures around the wedding of our parents wedding, grandparents, and great grandparents wedding or picutures of when they were young and this inspiration seen on PW bride Wildfirej29 bio has inspired me to so something similar. So beautiful!  

Wedding Details photo 12

Our entertainment : I absolutelyloveseeing folklorico dancers and hearing Mariachi play. Dancers and Mariachi will be a gift from Victors godmother. We are so blessed~! 

Wedding Details photo 14

Booked Los Salazar for our entertainment trio/Mariachi

Wedding Details photo 15

Booked Relampago Del Cielo Group Folklorico dancers 

Wedding Details photo 16

Wedding cake will have fresh flowers as well, which is already provided and decorated with our wedding package. The picture down below is a setup of how the cake would look, but with red flowers.

Wedding Details photo 17

Our Waterford Cake Knife and Server Set - Love, love, love them! 

Wedding Details photo 18

I used these black photo frames from IKEA for our seating chart. Love them so much that now I get to use them in my home!

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This blissfulBride is 28 years old and totally in love. I've been planning my wedding since I started dating Victor. I literally felt like he was the one from the beginning and long and be hold he was! Below is a picture with some of the magazines I've collected through out our 7 year relationship. After I got engaged my wonderful friends gave me a SOON TO BE MRS. SEGURA party. It was so much fun. Having my close friends there talking WEDDING stuff and just being happy for me has been the best part of planning my wedding. 

Blissful Bride photo 1Blissful Bride photo 2Blissful Bride photo 3Blissful Bride photo 4

**The Dress** Piccione Style 468; I'm in the middle trying on the sample dress. 

Blissful Bride photo 5Blissful Bride photo 8

*Bridal Shoes*

Stewart Weitzman purchased at Nordstrom. They were a perfect touch since my wedding dress has a bow.

 Ring holder "With this Ring" from Mindy Weiss as well

Blissful Bride photo 18

*Bridal Jewelry*

Purchased this lovely bracelet! 

Inspiration from PW bride Wildfirej29 and Etsy seller Mikan Designs

Blissful Bride photo 19Blissful Bride photo 20

Purchased these earrings from Etsy seller LizardiBridal. 

Blissful Bride photo 21

My Garter... My future in-laws are hard core Laker fans. If you see our engagement picture up above you'll see Laker memorabilia in the back ground. lol... So, I just had to get a Laker garter. 

Dress hanger from Etsy seller DawnsCraftStore

It will say Mrs. Segura =)