Jun 26, 2009

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We're having my reception outside in the backyard, and we decided to do potted plants for the centerpieces.

Centerpieces photo 1

Here they are :)  We still need to figure out what pots they're going in and how to dress them up a bit, but it makes me so happy just looking at them!  Hopefully we can keep them alive... we have them in a makeshift greenhouse for now, just in case.

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After months of being "engaged to be engaged" (we decided that we wanted to get married last December, but thought we'd wait until I got back from Jerusalem to make it officially official), we finally went ring shopping together, and a proposal should be coming sometime soon!  I am so in love with my ring... can't wait until I actually get to wear it!

The Ring photo 1

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The Dress 3 photo 1The Dress 3 photo 2The Dress 3 photo 3

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Well, they're technically not DIY, since I'm not the one sewing them--my aunt is.  So that makes them... DIH?  Do-it-herself?  Anyway, we bought table runner fabric!  And also some random, white, sparkly fabric that we think could be incorporated into the candy buffet table... somehow... or maybe I just like sparkles.

DIY Table Runners photo 1

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Quite honestly, FI and I don't even like cake, but I do like how it looks, and it's important to me that it tastes good to others.  Unfortunately, since I'm doing an outdoor reception, my frosting choice is limited to fondant, which I've heard tastes terrible.  Fortunately, I recently discovered Ambrosia Exquisite Wedding Cakes (  They're really close, and they make their cakes and fondant from scratch, so no gross Wilton-crap!  Prices are pretty affordable, too--$3-$6 per slice, depending on how exquisite the decorations are.

I'm going between two cake styles right now.  There's this:

Cake Inspiration photo 1Cake Inspiration photo 2Cake Inspiration photo 3

and there's this:

Cake Inspiration photo 4Cake Inspiration photo 5Cake Inspiration photo 6

I'm leaning towards the second style, though price (and mom and FI) will probably be the biggest deciding factors in the end, and I'd want to put my own twist on it somehow :)

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Because I have a test to take today, I instead buckled down and put together a to-do list.

Make guest list (working on it)

E-pic inspiration photos

Find e-pic outfits

Schedule/take e-pics

Order invitations - Jessica George Design

Mail invitations

Set up wedding website -

Wedding registry

Order BM dresses - Latter Day Bride

BM shoes

BM jewelry

Pick out my dress - Lynette's Bridal


Reception shoes (?)




Book hair appointments

  -1-2   weeks before—color

  -Wedding day (including BM)

Buy makeup from department store OR

Book MUA

Mani/Pedi—day before

Dinner outfit

Emergency kit

Book photographer - Swensen Photography

Discuss/finalize photography package

Set up bridal portraits

Book florist

Plan bridal bouquet

Bridesmaid flowers

Mom/FMIL corsage (?)


Centerpieces - potted daisies!

Book tables/chairs company

Rent white/colored table linens

DIY table runners - fabric has been bought

Table mock-up

Slideshow (e-pics, bridal portraits, wedding photos)

Make wedding playlist

Figure out speakers

Microphone (?)

Book bakery—cake - Lynette

Pick cake design

Cake stand

Cake serving set

Choose salads/side dishes

Buy/prepare food

Buy Jones soda

Food display dishes



Buy candy containers

Decorate candy containers

Pick/buy candy

Make cookies/candy apples/candy (?)

Buy favor bags

Decorate bags

Buy candy scoops

Candy buffet sign

Photo guestbook

Guestbook pens

DIY cardbox

FI's gift

Parents gift

BM gift

Thank-you cards

I give up on the formatting on this thing :P  I'm sure there's stuff I've forgotten, but that'll do for now!  Now I think I'll go study :P

EDIT:  I passed my test :)