Jan 05, 2009

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
We have known about this hotel for quite some time and finally thought we would come down to see how it is for a romantic getaway weekend. Once we entered the lobby to check in, we were treated so poorly that the woman (with the accent) at the front desk made my fiancee cry out of frustration and sadness that this woman caused. The reason was that they insisted that we did not make a reservation and would not check records then finally DID and found the reservation. Once we arrived in the room, it was NOT the room we paid for but the lowest quality room. We reserved a suite. This angered me so much that I had to sort this out with management. The manager came out and apologized and offered gift certificates to the neighboring restaurant and more. we did not receive anything. Period. They outright lied to us. Remember we were paying a lot of money for our room. They did not care a single bit. They sent us to another room which had not been maintained and we called management and they came and did something, but was actually nothing. We ended up letting this all go, so we could enjoy our weekend. We do not recommend this hotel if you would like to ensure a customer-oriented environment. The next day, the tub still was clogged after a second attempt to get it unclogged through a new staff member as the one with the accent was not there at the time. SHE did indeed send us a bottle of wine and apologies for our troubles. This was an amazing turnaround, but they never provided all of the other items that the actual MANAGER promised to make it all up to us with. We did not need the gifts, we just wanted them to tell us the truth and see if they actually followed through, which they did not. We did ask to speak with the manager again, soon thereafter, only to be told that they were "on vacation" and not in the office. This is a most terrible way to do business especially in one that considers hospitality as one of their top qualities. Overall, the property is indeed lovely. The rooms are rustic and beautiful, but the management/staff is horribly behind-the-times and needs high-quality customer service training immediately if they would like to compete with the nearby Four Seasons. Unless, of course, they consider themselves a "lower tier" hotel establishment.
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner