Jul 01, 2005

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I am happy with all these vendors in HK. Email me if you want more information about them.

Studio Photography: France Bridal

Engagement Ring, Pearl Necklace: Larry's

Wedding Bands: J's Jewelry

Shoes: Gold Plaza

Invitations: Sweet and Sincere Printing

Chinese Qi Pao: ??? on Nathan Road (I forgot the name)

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My caterer is the only vendor that I would not recommend. I had a lot of problems with them and I had reached some sort of "settlement" with them (I was sick of dealing with them). Thus I will not write a review about them. I do have a few advices regarding caterers.

Don't trust that they are good caterers just because they are on your venue's "approved caterer list".

Do negotiate, they do go down on their prices.

Whatever they promise you, get them in writing, even if it is just small things like where you want your gift table to be set up. If you don't get them in writing, they might "forget" about it at your wedding, and then claim that you have never requested that to be done. Before the wedding, remind them about the special requests you make. Otherwise they might just do what they usually do and "forget" about your special requests.

Don't assume they will do things right and take care of everything for you (as they like to tell you) just because they seem to be professional. Have your DOC or a friend make sure that they are doing what they are supposed to do.

If they say they will only charge you for the amount of alcohol you consume, have someone count the bottles/cans at the end of your party. Otherwise they can charge you for whatever they want afterward.

If they asked for a 18% gratuity on everything, and paid in full before the wedding, try negotiate out of it or go somewhere else. After you paid them the full amount with gratuity, you will not get your "gratuity" back no matter how bad their service is.

Trust your gut and your fellow brides. If you see a bad review on a vendor, be very careful. The vendor will say anything to convince you that it is not their fault but the bride being a bridezellia. If you have any doubt about them, don't use them.

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Let me first confess. I am a perfectionist, I am very picky and I am very specific about what I want. I am probably a lot more critical on my vendors than most other brides.

My review turns out to be really long, but I hope it is somewhat helpful to you.