Apr 21, 1990

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After the ceremony - both ringbearers will trade their pillows for a banner that says "And they lived . . . happily ever after".  The ringbearers will walk ahead of the couple during the recessional for photo op reasons.

I will add additional pics as the banner progresses.

First step:

Create a basic layout using Microsoft Publisher.  The dowels that we purchased are 48" so I made this 36" wide and 2.5 feet long.

When the layout printed - it printed on 16 pages of 8.5X11 paper.

I trimmed the white margins off of two sides of each paper - leaving two sides with some overlap.  This made it easier for me to match the words and tape it all together. The pics were taken using my Blackberry so they aren't the best.

DIY Banner photo 1

Once it was taped together - I taped it onto one of the dowels just to eye it and make sure I didn't want to make any changes.  I'm pretty pleased with the outcome and my niece (the bride) LOVES it.  Whew!

I don't know why the "Ever After" looks smaller in this pic - it really isn't.

DIY Banner photo 2


Traced the banner onto heavy white fabric:

DIY Banner photo 3


Painted banner - I still have to clean up the edges of the print and "garnish" with red and silver.  Does it need anything else?  A flourish maybe?  I want to do all the painting before I sew the edges and secure on the poles.

DIY Banner photo 4

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My niece would like for each of her bridesmaids to wear a different style gown.  Her MOH has already purchased Alfred Angelo 7060 in a black/white print.

Here are the inspiration boards that I've put together using the Alfred Angelo and the prices from www.bestbridalprices.com

Bridesmaid Gown Inspiration photo 1

Bridesmaid Gown Inspiration photo 2


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This took me about seven hours to complete and I really like the finished product - although I do think that I'm going to add some black/white damask or black satin ribbon to it to give it a more custom look.  I'm also thinking of hanging a smallish "H" monogram charm on it . . . Target has monogram ornaments right now that are silver with clear crystals that might work.

DIY Ribbon Pomander photo 1DIY Ribbon Pomander photo 2

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In my "pre" nursing life I worked for a short time in a full service wedding shop that offered everything from dresses to flowers to coordinating services.  Being the daughter of a caterer it only made sense that I would do something with events.

Flash forward a few years and I'm a nurse but still involved with various events of family members.  Last year I coordinated my sister's wedding and earlier this year I coordinated my neice's (aka bridezilla) wedding.

I thought that I was finished with wedding coordination but alas I'm not . . . another neice is getting married on June 19th and has asked me to coordinate her wedding.  I'm willing to give it another "go" but if this one doesn't go well then I'm done with coordinating for good!

Ceremony - Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Savannah, Georgia


Coordinator of sorts photo 1Coordinator of sorts photo 2Coordinator of sorts photo 3Coordinator of sorts photo 4



Reception - The Old Pink House Restaurant Ballroom

Coordinator of sorts photo 5

Here is a photo from the inside of the Olde Pink House Habersham Ballroom:

Coordinator of sorts photo 6