May 30, 2009

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With a little help from The Impact Band...

Spirit move you photo 1
Ten musicians - throwin’ the funk at cha’ - just playin’ that groove that makes you move...
Spirit move you photo 2"We play the groove that makes you move," proclaims drummer Jeff Cox. "We're a dance party band. We play almost entirely funk, and we do everything from Ohio Players, Earth, Wind & Fire, James Brown, and Tower of Power up through Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Usher, Nelly, and Christina Aguilera. We do everything from the 1970's through 2007."
Spirit move you photo 3
Impact plays the Red Hot Strawberry Ball, Strawberry Square & The Backyard Bash, 3rd St, The Burg. 

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"Our" mansion, called 'Overlook' & garden @ The Civic Club of Harrisburg, along the Susquehanna river... A dream photo 1A dream photo 2
i took these in April 08. 1st view faces trees in 2nd, standing along riverfront ..April showers bring May flowers 

A dream photo 3A dream photo 4
the garden where we will wed & a view of mansion from Front street(parking lot to right, garden entrance on the left) 
A dream photo 5A dream photo 6
views of 1st floor cocktail & 2nd floor ballroom, window 'overlooks' the garden and river.
                               where we will dine and dance the night away... 

A dream photo 7A dream photo 8

one of the hors d'ourves to be served, artichoke dip w/lasagne chips. Kitten with another of my suprises
see my photos to view a copy of the menu for the wedding...


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L amore photo 1L amore photo 2L amore photo 3L amore photo 4

i will be making long stemmed roses/ribbons for us to carry. i have not planned for any other flowers because the garden itself will be blooming with them, and the mansion is elegant enough...

L amore photo 5L amore photo 6
the flower girl Makyla picks her own dress.             Makyla & I at Fusion Spa

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to be a beauty queen? here she comes..

is there a time photo 1is there a time photo 2is there a time photo 3is there a time photo 4is there a time photo 5

ooh, ooh, heads turn around...

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A Tale of 2 Rings photo 1

     You say you want diamonds on a ring of gold
You say you want your story to remain untold.
All the promises we make, From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is you.
You say you'll give me a highway with no-one on it
Treasure, just to look upon it ; All the riches in the night.
You say you'll give me eyes in the moon of blindness,
A river in a time of dryness, A harbour in the tempest.
All the promises we make, from the cradle to the grave
When all I need is you.
You say you want your love to work out right
To last with me through the night.
You say you want diamonds on a ring of gold
Your story to remain untold, Your love not to grow cold.
All the promises we break, from the cradle to the grave When all I want is you.   U2

 John gave me the gold ring 1st.  Then suprised me at dinner with the 2nd ring...

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Here she comes photo 1Here she comes photo 2Here she comes photo 3
bridesmaid line up...Kiki, Jessie, Tina, Megan  
            kiki & tina                                                        kiki & jessica  (hair by Kiki)    
Here she comes photo 4Here she comes photo 5
kiki is also my stylist. just looka dat hair! bellisima!
Here she comes photo 6
kiki now works for Fusion Salon & Spa. she specializes in several types of massage therapy..Here she comes photo 7Here she comes photo 8
Makyla poses next to Kiki's massage table while Kiki does Antonio's hair...
Here she comes photo 9Here she comes photo 10
Here she comes photo 11Here she comes photo 12