Apr 26, 2008

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I chose this Rhianna Royale by Maggie Sottero in Diamond White.  I loved how special it made me feel w/ all the intricate flowers and beads, best of all the back was a corset so I didn't have to worry about it not fitting when I lost weight from the wedding stress. I love Maggie dresses...would highly recommend!!

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The First Encounter...

They all drove separately that late summer afternoon on the 26th of July. We all met outside the parking lot at our workplace unaware that the evening would be the beginning of our journey.
I was the outsider of the group; they had all known each other through other friends. I had moved to Los Angeles not that long ago, introductions were made as we all got on my SUV and started driving towards our destination.

The Journey...

I noticed her, sitting at the second row on the passenger side of my SUV, poised as she looked out the window. My friend had burned music CD of Jazz songs as he sets the mood. Conversations started, the girls talked amongst them as they catch up on gossip. They would occasionally turn my way and ask questions as we slowly get acquainted. The sun had set as I remember driving down the interstate freeway. It has not hit me yet but the stars were shinning down on us that night.

At the Movies...

We had arrived as we walked towards the movie theater, two of the girls who rode with us met with their partners. She at the time was dating someone else. As we entered the movie theater, each couple sat separately. I on the other hand, sat with the couple whom invited me to the premiere.
We sat on the left side of the theater close to aisle. One couple sat a few rows in front and the other in the middle section of the theater. The movie had come and gone.
We left the theater, as we drove to dine at a restaurant. Two full hours had gone dreary; it would seem that fate was tempting us as it sets the stage for what’s to come next.

Attraction Was Undeniable...

We park at an adjacent structure of the restaurant as we sat inside the dining area. The table was rectangular in shape sitting across from each side. I sat on one end as she sat at the other end. We ordered our food and the evening went on...
As I turned to her to listen to her voice, something struck me that moment. Everyone else seems to have suddenly faded into the background, I turn to my right and there she was with her beautiful smile. She had this magnificent glow that night as if the room had dimmed down I could not help myself but gaze at her.
I kept fighting the urge not to stare, not to look too obvious to the group but the attraction was so strong that I found myself looking at her every chance I get. The night draw to a close, I drove everyone back to where we all met and said our goodbyes.

A Course Was Set...

That night set the course of our journey; there were heartaches and pain, anger and jealousy, distrust and doubt. I lost her once and faith brought us back together.
Two people took a chance and became strangers, friends, and lovers as we take voyage in this new endeavor.

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